Dominican Republic Cuisine

Dominican Republic Cuisine
Dominican Republic Cuisine

Dominican Republic cuisine is much like you find in South America with a large variety of fish, seafood, and rice in combination with light spices or coconut. Many consider the unique flavor of the Dominican Republic cuisine similar to that found in many Antillean or Creole recipes. Of course, no matter where you travel throughout the Dominican Republic you will find each dish just a tad different due to the region and the use of various spices and other ingredients, just as you notice when you travel throughout the US. The various regions have their own specialties.

Dominican Republic Food
Dominican Republic Food

Dominican Republic food offers a variety of delectable treat for every meal such as mangu for breakfast, which is nothing, more than a cheese, bacon, and plantains often referred to as the whipped potatoes of the Dominican Republic. Other delightful Dominican Republic food that you can find at many hotels or resorts throughout the area include Sancocho, which is a stew created with roots, plantains, chicken or beef, and avocado, chicharrones de pollo, which is deep fried diced chicken, and ropo viega, which is fried shredded beef with rice and salad.

When it comes to unique and delicious Dominican cuisine, you must visit one of the most popular Dominican Republic restaurants in Santo Domingo. The unique restaurant, El Meson de la Cava is actually at home in a cave. Here you can enjoy traditional Dominican Republic food such as calamari, stewed conch, and a few delectable desserts like cheesecake.

The Natura Cabana is another popular Dominican Republic restaurant that specializes in seafood dishes. The restaurant is home on the beach in Cabarete and is considered one of the most romantic in the area. Specialties include mangu, octopus in mint vinaigrette, and shrimp natura.

The Restaurant La Cueva is also among the top Dominican Republic restaurants, home in Playa Dorada. They serve a mixture of Dominican Republic cuisine along with many European dishes with specialties such as grilled seafood.

On the Waterfront is a Dominican Republic restaurant that will not only tempt your taste buds but will also try your memory. As you walk through the doors, you may remember the movie, On the Waterfront, the Marlon Brando movie that won an Oscar in 1954. Whether you remember the movie or not you are sure to enjoy the Dominican Republic food as well as the magnificent scenery as the restaurant sits on the side of cliff in Sosua. Today, you will be able to enjoy the beach that was added in 2005, not by man but by the ocean currents and tides in which Mother Nature decided the restaurant needed this extra touch. The catch of the day is normally the most popular treat; however, some prefer the grilled lamb chops.

Every town throughout the Dominican Republic has local restaurants serving local cuisine along with many of the hotel and resort restaurants serving Dominican Republic foods along with many international favorites.

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