Dominican Republic Diving

Dominican Republic diving offers divers the chance to dive year round with the chance to see all kinds of tropical fish, plant life, coral, mantas, whale sharks, dolphins, and wrecks. The opportunities for Dominican Republic scuba diving is vast as there are many locations to explore the underwater world such as along the coast, in mangrove forests, in the bays, and in caves.

The average temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degree Fahrenheit makes it a great place for scuba diving any time of the year. However, the rainy season is during January to March and you might need to wear a full wetsuit just in case. The warmest time of the year is from October to November with average water surface temperatures being 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 84 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Most scuba divers prefer Dominican Republic diving in June, July, August, and September.

The most popular Dominican Republic dive sites are found in many different locations according to what you might wish to see and explore.

Bayahibe offer Dominican Republic diving for beginners as well as for advanced cave or wreck divers. Diving here you will find calm waters since the area is protected by a half bay. What you can expect here is sea grass beds, conserved coral reefs, and mangrove forests. Eagle rays, dolphins, lobsters, turtles, manatees, sharks, and whales are often seen in the area. The hot spots for the most popular Dominican Republic dive sites in Bayahibe are only about 20 minutes by speedboat. Many divers enjoy the hard corals, sponges, tropical fish, fire worms, and other creatures that call the area home. The wreck of the Saint Georgian can also be explored by advanced divers, which is a freighter that is found in waters 56 to 131 feet deep. For cave divers, the Padre Nuestro or La Sirena is well worth visiting.

Boca Chica is home to many Dominican Republic dive sites for beginners as well as experts. You will find shallow dive sites that offer the chance to explore wrecks along with advanced diving sites that have you exploring caves. Boca Chica is home to a 1,640-foot reef that enclosed the bay. One of most popular diving spots in Boca Chica is the Wessel Reef with a depth of around 60 feet. This reef is excellent for beginners. Divers will be able to find colonies of pillar, soft coral, horn coral and underwater creatures such as moray eels, trumpet fish, and stingrays.

Dominican Republic scuba diving is not just something to do while on vacation but is an experience that may be the highlight of your vacation whether you are diving for the first time or you are an advanced diver with years of experience.

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