Los Tres Ojos

Los Tres Ojos National Park is a unique natural combination of three open-air limestone caves home across from the Parque Mirador del Este. Many tour buses will take you to Los Tres Ojos where you will encounter three of the most unique caves in the area. Lost Tres Ojos in Santo Domingo has several visitors each year that make their way down the long deep steep staircase in order to view the beauty that is found underground.

Los Tres Ojos
Los Tres Ojos

As you journey downward into the first cave, you will stand in awe at the Los Tres Ojos surroundings. The forest is more like what you might imagine as a terrarium type environment with various points that allow you to view the first cave. As you go farther down into Los Tres Ojos National Park, you will view the beauty of the lagoons on just off the central plateau area.

The staircase at Los Tres Ojos in Santo Domingo takes you toward the southern side of the park where you see the entrance to the second cave. Walking through the second cave the beauty is overhead with stalactites dangling overhead; at the end of this point make sure to get a good view of the next cave. This is one of the best views at Los Tres Ojos.

You will be pulled across the cave while sitting in a small raft type boat. The beauty of this secluded area of Los Tres Ojos is one that you will remember for a long time to come and maybe even wish you could escape here often.

Before or after you visit Los Tres Ojos, you should take some time and visit a few other Santo Domingo attractions. There is a variety of unique attractions that the family will enjoy. One of the most popular Santo Domingo attractions is the Secretos Musical Bar. You will be able to dance to the beat of various type of Latin music while meeting a few of the locals and relaxing in a quaint bar. If shopping is one of your favorite activities then you will have to check out Mercado Model. This is one of the best places to find Dominican arts and crafts. Just remember the locals love to barter.

Another awesome Santo Domingo attraction is the Zona Colonial. The Zona Colonial is the historic part of town and is home to historic buildings that mark the earliest of Caribbean history. The entire area offers museums along with beautiful architectural designs of the history of the entire Caribbean.

Santo Domingo is home to all kinds of attractions from Los Tres Ojos to historical museums to beaches. A trip here will be well worth it during your stay in the Dominican Republic.

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