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There are a number of great Punta Cana tours that you can add to your itinerary, and they will only serve to complement an already great vacation. Of course, hanging out at the beautiful Punta Cana beaches is why most tourists head to the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic, but spending some time with your feet in the sand isn’t all that there is to do here. The sightseeing tours in Punta Cana can get you out into the Dominican Republic’s countryside where other picturesque landscapes await you, while the various oceanbound tours can have you cruising the high seas. Escaping for a visit to one of the nearby islands is always something to consider as well. Regardless of which Punta Cana tours you choose to enjoy, they will only serve to make your trip more rewarding and memorable, so don’t forget to look into the options during your Punta Cana vacation.

When it comes to planning sightseeing tours in Punta Cana, you will have some very tempting options to choose from. For many visitors, heading to the nearby islands of Isla Saoma and Isla Catalina is on the agenda, and there are a few different Punta Cana tour companies that can take you to either one. On a full day tour to Isla Saona, you’ll start your trip with a bus ride to the town of Higuey, which is the closest major town to Punta Cana. Once in Higuey, it’s usually off to the main cathedral for a look before you continue on to the village of Bayahibe to board your boat to the island. After sightseeing along the beautiful and unspoiled coast of Isla Saona, you might even get to do some snorkeling. While snorkeling tours can be enjoyed on their own, it’s nice to pair snorkeling with other activities when planning sightseeing tours in Punta Cana. For example, birdwatching enthusiasts will surely enjoy observing native birds along the Isla Saona coast in addition to doing some snorkeling. Some of the tours to the islands will include time on the islands themselves, giving you the chance to enjoy their delightful beaches and nature trails.

The scuba diving tours in Punta Cana that are offered to experienced divers generally head straight for Isla Saoma or Isla Catalina, so if you are thinking of combining a sightseeing tour with scuba diving, you will be in luck. For less experienced divers, both snorkeling and scuba diving at the Punta Cana Reef will prove memorable as well. Whereas snorkeling and scuba diving can figure among the activities that you’ll enjoy on some of the Punta Cana tours, other water-related tours involve a little more in the way of relaxation. Sailing along the Punta Cana coast on a crewed catamaran is a good way to combat stress, or you might prefer to hop aboard one of the glass-bottomed boats that allow you spy on the underwater realms without getting wet. These kinds of waterborne tours in Punta Cana are ideal for all ages, and since kids generally receive significant discounts on the fees, they make for great family outings.

While many Punta Cana tours will have you enjoying time out on the water, other ones involve sticking to land, or at least most of the time. One of the more enjoyable sightseeing tours in Punta Cana involves taking to the idyllic beach in the Macao area on a 4-wheel ATV. Often times, these four-wheeling tours include a stop at a freshwater cave, where you will have the option to swim if you please. You might also visit a nearby fishing village, which is a treat all its own. Sure, hanging out at the all inclusive resorts in Punta Cana has its merits, but it’s nice to also see the more authentic side of the Dominican Republic as well. As such, you can also consider booking sightseeing tours in Punta Cana that take you to the capital city of Santo Domingo, which is about 2.5 hours away by car. If you are trying to avoid urban environments during your trip, there are also tours in Punta Cana that take more of a look at country life. You’ll visit a country home, stop at a quiet café, and pass through plantations where sugar cane is the staple crop. These countryside Punta Cana tours sometimes even include a side trip to a cigar museum or the chance to do some horseback riding on a farm.

These are just some of the options when it comes to the tours in Punta Cana, and with so many great choices, everyone in your group is bound to find something that interests them. Even if you are limited on time, you can still enjoy a tour in Punta Cana, as many of them last just a few hours. Should you be in the area with plenty of time on your hands, then all the better. You will be able to mix and match experiences to make sure that you see and do as much as possible. Most of the tours in Punta Cana are affordably-priced, so enjoying more than one is most likely an option even on a tight budget.

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