Punta Cana Vacation Packages

Punta Cana Vacation Packages
Punta Cana Vacation Packages

When you find yourself wanting to enjoy a hassle-free, Caribbean getaway, the vacation packages to Punta Cana are well worth considering. Booking your trip as a package is often one of the best ways to find vacation deals for Punta Cana, as you tend to reap some savings when you bundle things like your flight and your accommodations together. Not only will you likely save some money when going with the Punta Cana vacation packages, but you will also save some time, as you won’t have to worry about ironing out all the details. That will already be taken care of for you. Even if just your flight and your hotel room are included in the deal, the vacation packages to Punta Cana will prove awfully convenient. Once you arrive on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic, idyllic beaches and so much more awaits you.

More often than not, the various all inclusive resorts in Punta Cana can help you find vacation packages that take care of your flight and your hotel room. These resorts are within easy reach of the Punta Cana International Airport, so once your flight lands and you get your bags, you won’t spend too much time in transit. To get to your resort, you can either rent a car or hop on one of the free resort shuttles. For those who prefer renting a car, there are vacation packages to Punta Cana that can include that as well. Since the bulk of the resorts here are included in a number of package deals, you can choose the right one for your tastes and preferences. Whereas the Dreams Punta Cana Resort and Spa is a good fit for families, for example, the Sivory Punta Cana Resort is more appropriate for couples looking for romantic escapes.

On top of securing a flight, an airport transfer, and a hotel room, some Punta Cana vacation packages will also present you with the option to include some tours on the side. Sailing to a nearby island to do some snorkeling, scuba diving, or birdwatching is a popular tour choice, or you can head inland and explore the countryside. Some tours even take you to the lovely capital city of Santo Domingo for a look. Because the bulk of the vacation packages to Punta Cana involve staying at an all inclusive resort, you won’t have to depend on side tours to stay entertained. These resorts offer a bunch of fun daily and nightly activities for guests to enjoy, and among the facilities that most of these resorts have are bars, nightclubs, and casinos. In other words, there will be plenty of nightlife available if you still have some energy left over after a fun-filled day.

Punta Cana is fast becoming one of the hottest places in the Caribbean for destination weddings, and there are plenty of resorts here offering enticing wedding packages. Couples looking to tie the knot can peruse a number of vacation deals for Punta Cana that revolve around that special day. As for the 5-star resorts that offer Punta Cana wedding packages, the Dreams Punta Cana Resort and Spa and the Bahia Principe Bavaro are among the top choices. The 4-star resorts don’t lag too far behind, however, and future brides and grooms will also do well to book a wedding package through the Caribe Club Princess, the Grand Paradise Bavaro, or the Tropical Princess resorts.

Regardless of the makeup of your group, the best time to find vacation deals for Punta Cana is the off-season. While there isn’t a bad time to visit Punta Cana, December through April is considered to be the high season. During these months, the rates at the Punta Cana hotels are at their highest, with Christmas and New Year’s seeing the loftiest of the peak rates. As such, you’ll have better luck finding vacation deals for Punta Cana in the summer and fall months. Another good way to secure vacation deals for Punta Cana is to book your trip well in advance. Travel companies and hotels typically reward early bookers with discounted incentives, and when you plan your trip early, you’ll have more time to familiarize yourself with all there is to do in Punta Cana. Don’t forget to look into travel insurance when choosing to go with one of the Punta Cana vacation packages. If for nothing else, having travel insurance will give you some peace of mind, and if you do need it for whatever reason, you’ll be glad that you have it.

Punta Cana Vacation Rentals

Punta Cana Vacation Rentals

Having added space and enjoying the comforts of home are what the Punta Cana vacation rentals are all about. Sure, you can always stay at one of the all inclusive resorts and enjoy everything that they have to offer, but if you are looking for something different, then the vacation rentals in Punta Cana are the perfect answer. Whether you go with a Punta Cana villa rental, which is like renting a home, or opt instead for an apartment or condo unit, you’ll have plenty of amenities to enjoy. Most of the Punta Cana vacation rentals offer similar amenities, though some are larger or a bit more complete than others, so you can decide accordingly. Whereas couples will be fine with the space that a condo affords them, larger groups will do well to rent adjacent apartments or a multi-bedroom condo or villa. You’ll be able to enjoy all the main attractions in Punta Cana when staying at one of the Punta Cana vacation rentals, and once it’s time to take a break or retire for the night, you’ll be able to bask in the privacy and comfort that your rental provides.

When you choose to go with the Punta Cana vacation rentals over the resorts, you will generally pay about the same price as you would for a hotel room, which is why so many visitors go the vacation rental route. To help attract guests, the vacation rentals in Punta Cana offer a list of amenities to help make for a comfortable stay, and among the best benefits is the use of a full kitchen. Having a full kitchen means that you can prepare snacks and meals at your leisure. It’s an especially nice option for families with kids, as it can sometimes be hard to get everyone up and out to a restaurant. In addition to a kitchen, other common amenities that most of the vacation rentals in Punta Cana offer include cable TV, a DVD player, a CD player, laundry machines, a balcony or deck, multiple bathrooms, air conditioning, a hair dryer, an alarm clock, and an iron and ironing board. The amenities will vary a bit from property to property, and in some cases, things such as internet access, a jetted tub, a barbecue grill, or a swimming pool will figure among the perks as well. Should you opt to stay in a Punta Cana villa rental, chances are good that it will be part of a gated community where you can access common facilities, enjoy watersports, and have access to your own club. Sometimes you can even book an all inclusive vacation package at a Punta Cana villa rental that is tied to one or more of the expansive resorts. The choices are many and varied.

Because of the Punta Cana International Airport, getting to the various vacation rentals in Punta Cana is a breeze. After you arrive on your flight, get your bags in order, and deal with customs, it’s just a short ride to your abode. Most of the vacation rentals in Punta Cana will offer free pick-up service at the airport, or you can always rent a car if you prefer. Vacation rentals on the northern side of Punta Cana will take a bit longer to get to as they are farther away from the airport, but your time in transit should never exceed an hour. In most cases, it will take you much less than that, with 25 minutes probably being the standard. The Punta Cana vacation rentals are spread up and down the coast, and you can even consider taking up residence to the near southwest, where the ritzy Cap Cana resort development can be found. Cap Cana has scores of vacation rentals to choose from, much like Punta Cana, and the two destinations are often mentioned in the same breath.

As for the vacation rentals in the more immediate Punta Cana area, Bavaro is one of the best places to look because of its number of choices. If it’s a Punta Cana villa rental that you want on a golf course, then Bavaro will work. Perhaps you’ll take up residence at the attractive Cocotal Golf Course. Not only will you have the golf course at your disposal, but also some of the best shopping in Punta Cana. That’s because the new Palma Real Shopping Village is right next door. Of course, being on the beach isn’t all that bad either. Just north of Bavaro, a beachfront condo in El Cortecito might just charm your socks off. It all depends on what you want in the end and how much you have to spend. Regardless of which vacation rental that you choose in Punta Cana, the beaches are never far off, nor are the golf courses or other things to do.

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