Samana Dominican Republic

Samana Dominican Republic is above all else the home to natural beauty thus making it a nature lover's paradise. Samana or the official name Santa Barbara de Samana is home on the northern coast of Samana Bay in the Dominican Republic. Surrounded and including the Sierra de Samana, a small mountain range, creates a luscious green backdrop to the turquoise waters of the Bay and the Caribbean Sea.

Romance and adventure both can be found in Samana Dominican Republic with either all inclusive hotels or small quaint hotels scattered throughout the area. Honeymooners love the seclusion while others like all the activities that abound. Samana Beaches offer fun in the sand and warm waters. The northern Samana beaches such as Playa Bonita beach has small waves, Cozon has a few rough waves, and for calm waves Playa Popy, El Portillo, and Las Terranas are the best. Another Samana beach on the northern side is Playa Rincon; however, it can only be reached by boat. The Samana beaches on the southern side include Playa Galeras and Cayo Levantado.

Samana tours bring visitors the chance to embark on several fun filled adventures and activities. Horseback riding tours can be a very enjoyable time as you venture off through the Sierra de Samana or just ride along beach. The town of Las Terranas is another hot Samana tour for those wishing to try unique local cuisine at the restaurants or go shopping at the quaint shops.

Samana whale watching may be the most popular of all attractions. Samana tours for this treat begin around January 15 of each year and last until the middle of March. Various Samana whale watching tours leave at various times during the day. The most popular if you wish to take in more are ones that leave by 9am, this way when the tour stops at Cayo Levantado Island, you will have more time to explore the island as well as watch the whales.

Samana Dominican Republic offers all kinds of attractions such as the El Limon Waterfall, which is a breathtaking encounter. The waterfall drops 40 meters into a pool of clear waters where you can even take a dip. Los Haitises National Park must be on your must see list. The park is one that will allow you to see the beauty of a rainforest and mangrove reserve with exciting caves and keys to explore. However, entrance to the park is with a certified guide only, which can be booked from your hotel.

Samana is more than just about relaxing on the beach. It is about greeting nature and the unspoiled mountains, rainforest, and discovering the beauty and solitude of the underwater world while snorkeling or scuba diving.

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