Dominican Republic Transportation

Dominican Republic transportation provides visitors with a variety of options for getting around during their vacation. Dominican Republic car rentals are available at airports and offer all kinds of vehicles. You can rent motorcycles, scooters, 4 wheel drive terrain bikes, and of course, cars according to what type of vehicle you need. Most Dominican Republic car rentals offer rentals by the day, half-day, hour, or even for your entire vacation. If you plan to use Dominican Republic car rentals, you will need to bring along your valid passport and a driver's license from your home country. In most cases, you will also need a major credit card. Learn about the insurance coverage before you choose a Dominican Republic car rental agency. The best reason to rent a vehicle from any of the Dominican Republic car rentals is that you have freedom to go where you wish and stay as long as you wish if you rent one for your entire vacation.

On the other hand, you can find many different Dominican Republic transportation options such as taxis. Taxis in the Dominican Republic have fixed rates so this can really be a blessing especially if there are many places you wish to visit. Taxi drivers generally speak enough English to be a local guide to many of the tourist attractions or for finding a local nightclub. It is best with this Dominican Republic transportation service to find newer vehicles and to ask about prices before jumping in the cab. Older taxis may not have air-conditioning and some drivers may try to get more than the going rate.

The Dominican Republic bus is your least expensive way to travel. The Dominican Republic has three major bus companies. All the companies provide air conditioning and comfortable seating. The Dominican Republic busses travel through and to most of the larger cities in the area and transport visitors to and from the airports.

Even though it is not a Dominican Republic bus, Guaguas are privately owned mini vans; they can provide inexpensive transportation. You can always find one nearby and enjoy the ride at a price less than riding the Dominican Republic bus. However, since they are privately owned they may not always be in great condition. You cannot find a fixed schedule but you the drivers are sure to get your attention to see if you need a ride by honking their horn or waving at you from their window. They will stop any place and give you a ride to wherever you might want to visit such as villages or tourist areas. The fun part about riding in a guaguas is that you will be riding alongside many locals and seeing parts of the city or town that you might not see on a guided tour.

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