Caribbean Family Resorts

Caribbean vacations used to be best suited to honeymooners and other couples, but recent years have seen more and more resorts catering to families with children of all ages. Staying in a Caribbean family vacation resort is now a great option for a family vacation. A good all inclusive family Caribbean resort will offer babysitting, activities for children, and varied dining options: perfect features for enjoyable trips for both parents and young ones.

Parents may be encouraged to visit the Caribbean by a travel commercial depicting an island paradise. For children, the best commercials for Caribbean travel in recent years have been Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Near Walt Disney World in Orlando, the Disney Caribbean Resort attempts to capture the spirit of a family vacation in the islands. Disney Caribbean Resort features an artificial beach on a 40-acre lake and has a bus shuttle to the Orlando theme parks, so it makes a great compromise between a Caribbean getaway and a trip to Disney World.

An ideal all inclusive family Caribbean resort combines the youthful energy of the Disney Caribbean Resort with the serenity and attention to detail of a fine Caribbean hotel. There are several things to consider when looking for a Caribbean family vacation resort. The most important is the childcare services (for very young kids) and the children activities (for older kids). The best Caribbean family vacation resort will have a dedicated kids program with separate facilities for children such as a kids pool or a play area. Avoid programs with a video game center; the weather in the Caribbean is beautiful, kids should be outside enjoying it.

It's also good to choose an all inclusive family Caribbean resort that has all the meals included (most do) and also snacks or meals available at off-hours (kids are not just hungry at meal times).

Four Seasons Resort on Nevis Island in St. Kitts and Nevis is an exemplary all inclusive family Caribbean resort. Perhaps best known for its world-class golf course, this exclusive getaway is also a great place to bring kids. A special team of friendly Kids for All Seasons guides youngsters through activities. The highlight for parents is a children's hour party that coincides with an adult cocktail hour.

The Buccaneer hotel in St. Croix is a perfect Caribbean family vacation resort to encourage children in outdoor activities. A daily sailing excursion and guided nature walks lets kids experience the wonders of island nature firsthand. Hyatt Regency hotels in Aruba, Grand Cayman, and elsewhere are also renowned as good family resorts, with lots of supervised activities and good babysitting facilities.

If you book into the right Caribbean family vacation resort, you can relax and let your island trip take care of itself.

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