Bathway Beach

Bathway Beach (pronounced BAT-way) is located on the northeastern shore of the largest and main island. Because of its Atlantic facing location, the waters can be both chilly and choppy. As the tide goes out, there can be strong currents, so novice swimmers should use caution. Bathway Beach is extremely popular with locals, and can be quite crowded on weekends and during special events. The long stretch of dark sand is completely undeveloped, so bring your own beach gear, water, and snacks. There are plenty of trees for shade, so you don’t necessarily need a beach umbrella.

Attractions near Bathway Beach include the small fishing town of Sauteurs, which is the capital of St. Patrick’s Parish and a little less than two miles away on the far northern tip of the island. There are not many hotels near Bathway Beach as most visitors come only for the day, but you will find a couple very charming bed and breakfasts, as well as cottages and other vacation rentals.

Sauteurs played a large part in some of the important history of Grenada. Caribs Leap is one of the town’s historic as well as natural landmarks. This is where it is said that last of the island’s Caribs lept off the cliffs and died rather than be ruled by the French (the town’s name come from the French for “jumper”). France had taken the island from the British and set up their capital in St George's in 1650.

Nearby Irvin’s Bay was an important harbor for shipping sugar, spices, and other products of the plantations. Inland a couple miles is Morne Fendue, a tiny community that was once surrounded by plantations. One of the hotels near Bathway Beach is a small guest house called the Morne Fendue Plantation House, which also is an excellent place for a dining stop if you’ve come from St George's on a day trip.

Another of the Attractions near Bathway Beach is Levera National Park, which is located between Bathway Beach and Sauteurs. There is a great beach here that rarely has many visitors, and the park is home to a large island of mangrove swamps with wonderful birdlife. There is wonderful snorkeling here, as there is an island and reefs only a couple hundred feet offshore.

Image: Grenada Board of Tourism
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