Grenada Beaches

Grenada beaches are largely concentrated around the southern leeward (western) part of the main island--from Grand Anse Beach to secluded but popular Bathway Beach. A a couple of the best beaches of Grenada can be found on neighboring little Carriacou Island. The smallest island of Petite Martinique has only a few fairly rocky beaches.

The most popular of the best beaches of Grenada will be found on the main island. There are about four dozen of them in total, and all are legally public property. There are no Grenada topless beaches because of this, as the practice is prohibited by law. Those developers who wish to improve their property by building hotels or private homes that might also serve as vacation rentals must demonstrate a method to provide public access to have building plans approved. This even includes the exclusive resorts that are adults only. Some of these resorts may talk about their “private” Grenada topless beaches—and topless sunbathing may sometimes occur—but technically it is not allowed.

Beaches in Grenada
Beaches in Grenada

One of the longest (at more than two miles in length) Grenada beaches is Grand Anse Beach, located about a mile north of the airport on the leeward western side of the island. It is located in the shelter of large Grand Anse Bay, and as a consequence has calm waters. It is one of the island’s most popular areas and boasts a number of excellent resorts and hotels, including the lovely Spice Island Beach Resort, one of the several all inclusive properties on the island. Also near here is the Grenada Grand Beach Resort, a number of excellent dining spots, scuba diving centers, and other water sports services.

Six more of the best beaches of Grenada will be found to the south, around the Grand Anse Bay Quarantine Point. They are a bit less crowded than Grand Anse, but still easily accessible. These include Morne Rouge Beach, with its very calm waters ideal for children on family vacations; Parc de Boeuf Beach; Magazine Beach with coral reefs making it excellent for snorkeling; and Pink Gin Beach, which is only about 500 feet north of the airport.

There are few Grenada beaches on the windward (eastern) side of the island. One of the best is La Sagesse Beach, which is also excellent for families. It is in a small sheltered bay, and the water is quite shallow along the shore. The waters are also quite calm because of the horseshoe points that jut out to sea and protect it from the wind. The La Sagesse Nature Resort, a small inn that is one of the island’s bed and breakfasts, is located here. On the northern tip of the island are Lavera Beach (located within the boundaries of Lavera National Park) and Bathway Beach. Both are more secluded than those found to the south, but Bathway is often crowded on weekends. On the other hand, Lavera is often virtually deserted, and you have wonderful views of Sugar Loaf Island just a few hundred feet offshore.

Sugar Loaf Island is the first of a long string of small islands (many of which are uninhabited) that stretches 100 miles north all the way to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Your best bet for finding undisturbed Grenada topless beaches is by boating along this chain with an operator who can put in at some of the beaches that are so deserted they don’t even have names.

The best beach on Carriacou is Paradise Beach, with its long stretch of white sand and calm protected swimming area behind a reef. White Island Marine Park surrounds the small islands and reefs about a mile off Carriacou’s southern tip. The tiny uninhabited coral islands have a couple of beautiful unspoiled white sand beaches and superb scuba diving.

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Grenada Beaches


Grenada beaches are largely concentrated around the southern leeward (western...

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