Yacht Charter Grenada

A yacht charter Grenada is one of the best ways to explore the main island, little Carriacou Island, tiny Petite Martinique Island, and the four even smaller islands that make up the rest of this Caribbean island nation. That doesn’t even take into account the dozens of atolls, reefs, and rocks that comprise the Windward Islands and which Grenada sailing can access.

The Grenada Sailing Festival is only one of the many events that occur on the water each year. There are several other Grenada sailing regattas that are of three days to eight days in duration. There are also workboat regattas in which fishing boats from the island’ fishing villages compete. As with island nations across the world, fishing and boating are integral parts of the history of the country, and the fishermen of the island nation still play an important role in the country’s commerce. Some yacht charter Grenada opportunities are available from operators who also maintain fishing fleets.

Many of the regattas are sponsored by local marinas, particularly in the capital city of St George's. Others are sponsored by resorts. The Grenada Sailing Festival is the key event in the regatta lineup, and has a number of hotels, marinas, and businesses as corporate sponsors. It is held over five days at the end of January and beginning of February, and sailing teams from Europe, the United States, and other Caribbean nations come to compete. If you plan to sail during this time period, you should make arrangements for the boat as far in advance as possible because many of the boats are fully booked by some of the thousands who come to watch the events. The Grenada Sailing Festival also sees a full-day street festival and stalls where local artisans display their crafts and art.

A yacht charter Grenada can be done as a half- or full-day trip, which is often offered as a shore excursion to passengers onboard cruises. They can also be full vacations, lasting several days—either bareboat or crewed. Some Grenada sailing operators can combine your time onboard with a stay ashore in vacation rentals. Generally, these are two- and three-bedroom self-catering villas that can sleep the same number as the boat. This means a small group of friends or a family can sail together for a few days, and spend another few days in a villa to explore the island. The kind of boats available vary from traditional sailboats and old schooners to sleek modern catamarans. They also vary in cost depending on the amount of luxury and pampering you want. The cheapest charters are those with a minimum crew (perhaps only a skilled captain) where the passengers share deck and galley duties. You can also find elegant deluxe yachts, complete with chef, service staff, and perhaps even a Jacuzzi.

Two of the advantages of Grenada boat rentals for small groups are flexibility and the boat’s ability to access secluded beaches, small coves, and small uninhabited islands. This is excellent for romantic honeymoons and those who just want to get away, as well as for scuba diving, kayaking, and snorkeling enthusiasts. If you are only an individual or couple, it is possible to book a berth on a scheduled sailing that other individuals have also booked. Many of the yacht operators will put in at certain places and offer guided tours to places like Grand Etang National Park for a hike in a rainforest, a rum distillery (the oldest dates to 1785), and to historic forts and sugar cane plantations.


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