Grenada Car Rental

A Grenada car rental will help you get around while you're enjoy a time in the Caribbean. This island nation, known for beautiful beaches and spice-scented air, offers a modern transportation network. More than 650 miles of paved roads wind through the island, connecting the capital city of Saint George's with all that the island has to offer.

When you take care of picking up your Grenada car rental, you'll have to take care of a little bit of extra paperwork. Driving permits are required for all visitors who plan to get behind the wheel. As long as you have a valid driver's permit at home and have valid insurance, you can obtain a permit to drive in Grenada. The majority of the local rental companies can provide you with the permit.

The main police station in Saint George's can also give you proper paperwork for your expensive or cheap car rental in Grenada. Located near the cruise ship terminal and the horseshoe-shaped harbor, the police station is a quick stop. After you've stepped off your cruises and wandered through the duty-free shops, you can pick up the permit. Taxis are readily available to take you to your Grenada car rental, as is public transportation or a hotel shuttle.

Like many other places, the majority of car rental lots are located close to the airport. At the Bishop International Airport, also in Saint George's, you'll find a concentration of companies. With more availability, the chances are better than you'll find a great rate for a cheap car rental in Grenada.

Many of the local companies specialize in SUV and Jeep rentals. While four-wheel drive vehicles are not absolutely required on the main roads, it's nice to have the stability and extra room. When you choose one of the packages with unlimited miles, a cheap car rental in Grenada will have real value. You'll know the price up front and won't have to worry about adding up the mileage along the way.

If you'd like to leave the driving to the professionals, Grenada car hire is a good way to go. A local driver can get you where you need to go, often times faster when they already know the lay of the land. You also can spend more time enjoying your vacations when you don't have to mess with a map or worry about getting lost. If you're nervous about driving on the left side of the road—another reflection of the island's British influence, a Grenada car hire will ease your worries.

Hotel concierges can help with arranging Grenada car hire or a rental for you to drive. They can make suggestions for tours and give ideas about where to drive your rental car. The network of roads can take you to charming fishing villages, sandy beaches, other interesting places not far from your accommodations.

Cars and drivers are also available on Grenada's sister island of Carriacou, just 90 minutes away be ferry and minutes by air. This charming, laid-back island is known for its resorts, dive sites, and rich heritage, a mix of Scottish and African influences. Like the big island, Carriacou's roads are paved and easy to access, whether you've rented a Jeep or a sedan. The network of public transportation includes small buses and taxis, and cars for hire can be arranged.

There also are nontraditional ways to get where you want to go. Mountain bikes are a challenging and fun way to go. Speedboats and water taxis whisk visitors around the shore of Carriacou and to the outlying islands


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