Grenada Food

Grenada food reflects the culture of this beautiful and vibrant Caribbean nation. As with any vacation, the chance to experience the local scenery is often most memorable at the dinner table. The three inhabited islands of this nation offer an array of places to taste the local specialties.

The culture of Grenada changed forever when some farmers brought some nutmeg seeds back from India. The consistently pleasant weather and trade winds make for ideal conditions for growing this spice. Even today, the island is one of the world's leading producers of the aromatic nutmeg; it's not unusual to smell the scent of spices in the air when the wind blows just right. The Spice Island also is known for its rum, crafted from locally grown sugar cane. Some of the estates from the Colonial era continue to grown these specialties, now open for tours and shopping.

Many of the best Grenada restaurants serve local favorites, including those in the capital city of St. George's. Some colonial-era buildings have been transformed into boutiques and restaurants, especially near the modern cruise ship terminals. Here, you'll find a mix of casual eateries and little cafes, perfect for a quick bite to eat or a lingering afternoon. You'll also find fancy restaurants and bars that come to life after dark along the streets of St. George's.

Another way to enjoy some of the best Grenada restaurants at its resorts, both in St. George's and other places throughout the island. Some of the meals are included on the vacation packages, while others are available a la carte. Frequently, meals are available even if you're not a guest of the particular property. The grand resorts are a great way to enjoy a dining experience you won't just anywhere; cocktails and snacks are regularly served poolside.

Another one of the best ways to experience the culture of Grenada is to make a visit to Gouyave on a Friday night. This fishing village on the western coast has evolved from a tiny fishing hamlet to a visitor-friendly destination, complete with bars, restaurants, and events. When the weekend is approaching, residents and visitors gather for Fish Friday. The weekly event features fresh seafood, readily available from street vendors, and lots of live music.

On the other two islands, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, fresh fish is vital part of the Grenada food scene. The smaller of the two, Petite Martinique, is supported largely through fishing, supplying snapper and other fish to Grenada and the United States. While scuba diving and the unspoiled scenery are the primary draws to the small island, you'll have the chance to dine of some of the freshest seafood anywhere. The restaurants here specialize in two hallmarks of Grenada food, namely lobster and conch.

Over on Carriacou, close to Petite Martinique and a 90-minute ferry ride from the main island of Grenada, the culture of Grenada can be experienced through its cuisine. Whether you want to enjoy a casual lunch at a bar beside the beach or lingering over a gourmet dinner at one of the best Grenada restaurants, you can experience a taste of the islands.

Many of restaurants, no matter what the price tag, serve locally grown produce and locally caught seafood. If fish isn't your thing, you don't need to worry; poultry and vegetarian meals are readily available.

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