Grenada Flights

Grenada flights bring people from around the world to the Caribbean's Maurice Bishop International Airport. This small but well-equipped airport is nestled on the beaches of St. George's, a charming city and capital of this island nation at the southern tip of the West Indies.

The airport, which once was known as the Point Salines International Airport, is open seven days a week until 11 p.m., bringing in flights from nearby islands, as well as flights from North America. Like many of the islands in the Caribbean, Grenada receives flights from the gateway airports of Toronto, Miami, and New York's JFK airport.

While the majority of Grenada flights originate in these transportation hubs or airports around Caribbean, some begin in Europe. Regular service is available from the international airport in Frankfort, Germany. Several different airlines provide direct flights from Gatwick Airport in London, including some budget airlines. When you find cheap Grenada airfare, you'll have more money left over for enjoying your island vacations. Whether you sit in coach or first class, you'll still arrive on the same beautiful island.

The opportunity to fly to Grenada is also available from Venezuela. As it is just 100 miles from the mainland, it doesn't take very long to travel back and forth from the city of Porlamar. This hub of tourism, especially for Europeans and South Americans, is an interesting place to explore—it's located on the Isla Margarita, nicknamed the Cancun of the South.

When talking about Grenada flights, most of the time it's in the context of the Bishop International Airport, but flights are available to another island in this tri-island nation: Carriacou. Grenada's smaller sister is located to the north of the main island takes about 90 minutes to travel by boat, while flights to Lauriston Airport shave over an hour off the trip. Frequent flights connect the two islands, meaning you can travel when it's convenient. If you want an early start to the day or a leisurely afternoon before you get going, there's a flight to suit your plans. When you find out how much the trip costs, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the usually cheap Grenada airfare.

Carriacou's airport is located in the main city of Hillsborough, home to an array of interesting shops, restaurants, and dive sites. The airport is also a hub of Grenada charter flights. The same company that provides regular service between the main island and Carriacou can take you about anywhere you want to go in the Caribbean. It takes fewer than 30 minutes to fly to St. Lucia or St. Vincent, while most of the other islands can be reached in under three hours. Only Aruba, in the far north of the Caribbean, takes more than three hours.

Grenada charter flights are also available from the Bishop airport. In other regions, charter flights are often reserved for the aptly named jet setters and CEOs; this is not the case in the Caribbean. The price is much more in reasonable that you might expect. For less than the cost of a night at one of the hotels, you can fly from St. George's to nearly any island in the Caribbean, as close as Trinidad (30 minutes away) and as far as San Juan, Puerto Rico, a 2.5-hour journey.

Besides the good price and short trip, you'll also enjoy the convenience of traveling on your own schedule. When you book one of the Grenada charter flights, you can leave on your reschedule and not worry about getting stranded at the airport waiting for the next flight on the schedule.

Timing also is an essential element in finding cheap Grenada airfare. More flights are available in the winter season (December to February), which can mean lower prices. The island nation enjoys relatively constant pleasant weather, so you won't find an off season here. It's most likely will be 80 degrees and sunny no matter what time of year you plan to travel.


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