Grand Anse Beach Grenada

Grand Anse Beach Grenada is considered the best beach in Grenada by many locals and visitors alike. It certainly is the most accessible to the capital city of St George's and the most popular on the main island.

Even though numerous Grand Anse Beach hotels and charming bed and breakfasts line its two miles of fine white sand, it is a beautiful and unspoiled beach that is very accessible even by car rentals, as the main road runs right along it. Large ships on Caribbean cruises usually offer this beach as one of their shore excursions for those passengers who just want to relax during the port stop. If you’re staying in St George's and don’t have a car rental, you can take a water taxi from the port for a very reasonable fee.

Grand Anse Beach Grenada has the most facilities of any other of the beaches on the main island as well as on Carriacou Island and Petite Martinique Island. Outlets to rent beach equipment are readily available, so you can water ski, kayak, or snorkel. There are also plenty of restaurants in the Grand Anse Beach hotels and other small dining spots along the beach. There are also several scuba diving operators who can take you out for a few hours or for the entire day. One of the most famous and impressive wrecks in the Caribbean is only about three miles out. This is the 600 foot long Bianca C, an Italian luxury liner that sank in 1961 after catching fire. She is called the Titanic of the Caribbean, and several interior areas are accessible to scuba divers.

This is by far the best beach in Grenada for those staying in St George's who want to enjoy an idyllic beach without straying far from the resorts and beach hotels. You can find more secluded beaches on the northern tip of the island around Levera National Park, but you won’t find one that has as many amenities, facilities, and dining spots while still retaining its unspoiled atmosphere.

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