Grenada Grand Beach Resort

Grenada Grand Beach Resort joined the collection of Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts in 2010. This global brand of luxury hotels features some of the top properties around the world, from Tokyo to Chicago's Magnificent Mile and many points in between. As a resort near Grand Anse Beach, the Grenada Grand was particularly attractive to the parent company, IHG Hotels & Resorts.

The new partnership is also good for Grenada travelers. The transformation to the new brand brought with it upgrades to the facility and the programs; the property has been upgraded to match the Crowne Plaza requirements for its resorts, called the Four Star Standards. Guests of the Grenada Grand Beach Resort will find affordable luxury, simple-yet-elegant decor, and attentive service.

One of the hallmarks of Crowne Plaza hotels is the Sleep Advantage Program. After a day filled with beautiful beaches, lovely sunsets, and fun, you'll be ushered into a state of relaxation at bedtime in a custom-designed furniture and linens. Beyond that, guests are given a complimentary sleep kit with a relaxation CD, eye mask, and information about how to get the best night's sleep, even a world away from those everyday cares. Outside, the air is often scented with the subtle scent of flowers and spices, which you can carry indoors with the lavender stay in the Sleep Advantage kit. If you're really concerned about a good night's sleep, consider making reservations on the special quiet floor.

Another benefit of staying at this resort near Grand Anse beach is the Priority Club Rewards program. Every night you stay, you can earn points toward a free stay at sister properties or the Grenada Grand Beach Resort. The points also can be transformed into airline miles. The island's main airport is close to the resort, just seven minutes away in the capital city of St. George's.

Return visitors will find much that's familiar, too. The resort is still located on acres and acres of beachfront property, close to the shopping and dining in Grand Anse and St. George's. You'll have the chance to soak up the sun in the pool, which features scenic waterfalls and a swim-up bar, all surrounded by lovely gardens and towering trees. If you want to keep in touch, you can bring your laptop or other mobile device to one of the poolside chairs and connect to the wireless Internet.

Whether you're an active sort or mild at heart, the list of things to do at this resort near Grand Anse Beach will delight you. If you're the sort who wants to curl up with a good book with the white sand between your toes, you'll be in your element as you admire the views of the Caribbean. You can get more active with kayaking, sailing, and tennis. Local dive shops can equip with everything you need to for diving and snorkeling, including the equipment and a guide.

You'll also find varied dining experiences at the resort. Gourmet cuisine is a specialty of one of the restaurants, featuring a fusion of local cuisine and international favorites, along with a long wine list and top-flight service. Casual meals are also available at the restaurant that overlooks the ocean.

The staff one of the top-rated beach hotels in Grenada is eager to make suggestions about how to put together the perfect stay. They can help with arranging car rentals and answer any questions you have about what to see and what to do on the resort property and beyond.

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