Levera National Park

Levera National Park is, along with Grand Etang National Park, part of an admirable conservation effort by the island’s government to preserve its unspoiled rainforests and pristine marine areas. This National Park of Grenada—unlike Grand Etang, which is a dense, mountainous rainforest in the interior—is comprised primarily of coastal ecosystems. It boasts lovely beaches and lagoons and ancient mangrove swamps. Here you will find the largest mangrove swamps on the island, with extraordinary birdlife including the brilliant scarlet ibis, a variety of herons, and many other species. The park’s 23 acre pond is surrounded by more mangrove islands. It is a rich habitat, and there is a walking trail around the pond.

The sands of Levera Beach provide a nesting ground for endangered leatherback sea turtles. The females come ashore to lay eggs sometime in March, and the hatchlings make their way to open waters in June and July. These are important events and several operators will have special nighttime excursions to watch the cycles of nature unfold in the moonlight. You can also book guided bird walks and daytime snorkeling trips.

Levera National Park occupies the northeastern tip of the main island, and offers wonderful views of cone-shaped Sugar Loaf Island, Green Island, and Sandy Island. Little Sugar Loaf is a private island with only one seasonal home; it is only about 1,000 feet offshore of sandy Levera Beach on the main island. The other two islands (also small) are uninhabited, with rocky cliffs, forested areas, and pristine beaches. Levera Beach is long and sandy, excellent for children to play and for sunbathers. The Atlantic-facing location means the water can be cold, and there can be tricky currents, so novice swimmers should use caution.

This National Park of Grenada includes the water and coral reefs between the main island and the smaller islands. This watery world is home to beautiful living coral, colorful and exotic tropical fish, and the sea grass beds that shelter the lobsters you are apt to see on your dining table. These areas provide prime scuba diving spots, and many of the boating operators based in the capital city of St George's will spend time on their excursions around these islands that stretch all the way to Carriacou Island.

The entire coastline surrounding this National Park of Grenada is quite spectacular. Around the point and just south of Levera Beach is Bathway Beach, very popular on weekends. Bathway (pronounced BAT-way) is generally more crowded because there is no fee to get to it. Levera Beach is part of the national park, and there is an admission fee (although very reasonable) to enter the park and access the beach. In addition to Bathway Beach, attractions near Levera National Park include the oldest rum distillery on the island, River’s Rum. It is a fully operational facility, and it’s possible to book tours to watch the entire fascinating process from the harvesting of the sugar cane and the extraction of its sweet juice and the fermenting of its sugar.


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