Morne Rouge Beach

Morne Rouge Beach stretches along the southwestern coast of the main island, just a bit south of more popular Grand Anse Beach. Even though it is not quite as accessible as Grand Anse Beach (because the coastal road turns inland before reaching it), many people prefer this lovely beach for that very reason. There are far fewer people on this beach. You can walk to Morne Rouge Beach in Grenada from the road that branches off the coastal road, or reach it by walking south from Grand Anse around Quarantine Point until you reach it. Keep walking even further south to reach Magazine Beach and Pink Gin Beach.

There is a Morne Rouge Beach hotel here, and it contains one of the island’s most popular seafood dining spots. If you’ve only come for a day trip, you don’t have to haul all of your food with you. Those who stay here will find themselves in one of the finest luxury resorts on the island. In addition to fewer crowds, Morne Rouge Beach is also a favorite for those with children on family vacations. It is on the leeward side of the island, so the water is generally more tranquil and it is further protected by the little peninsula of Quarantine Point. The water is also extremely clear and remains shallow for a fair distance, making it quite warm. It is covered with fine white sand so this is a great beach to bring the children along to, and there are shade trees.

While there is only one Morne Rouge Beach hotel right on the beach itself, there are several other fine resorts and small hotels quite close by. Morne Rouge Beach in Grenada is only about one mile from the international airport, and many of the hotels (even the cottages and other vacation rentals) are able to arrange for airport transfers.

Image: Grenada Board of Tourism

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