Petite Martinique

Petite Martinique is the smallest member of Grenada, a Caribbean island nation composed of three islands. Along with Grenada and Carriacou, this charming island is located in the West Indies, not far from the equator. With the cooling trade winds, consistently lovely weather, and some of the best diving around, this tiny island is big on charm.

Petite Martinique hotels match the scale of the island. You'll find most of the island nation's luxury hotels on Grenada, while smaller properties, most under 30 rooms, are found on Grenada's sister islands. The lodging providers on Petite Martinique specialize is attentive service; you won't get lost in the mix when you stay here. Because of the limited number of rooms available, you'll want to make reservations well in advance.

An alternative to staying in Petite Martinique hotels is to stay on Carriacou, just three miles away. Water taxis are readily available, connecting the two places. Just a short trip away, the bigger island is home to some charming inns and small hotels that provide hospitality in a scenic setting. You'll also find an array of rental options, including cottages, grand villas, and fully furnished apartments on Carriacou.

Whether you have reservations at the one Carriacou or Petite Martinique hotels, or are doing some island hopping, you'll find many things to do. This 586-acre paradise is often described as unspoiled, thanks to the stretches of sandy and rocky hills. But that does not mean the island is uninhabitable; several businesses provide for creature comfort, including shops and restaurants. This tiny island is home to just under 1,000 people, many of both European and African ancestry.

Besides tourism, fishing is a main industry of the island, supplying both Grenada and the U.S. with snapper and grouper. Boat building is another tradition that continues. While you're exploring, you should take time to meet with the residents of Petite Martinique and maybe make some new friends.

If you're the sort who connects a Caribbean vacation to lounging in sun, you'll certainly find this small island to your liking. If adventure is what you seek, you'll find it above and below the waters of the Caribbean or the Atlantic that lap against the sandy shores. Of the three beaches, only the one on the western coast is open to visitors, providing accessibility to the dive sites on Petite Martinique. It doesn't have a whimsical name like many in the Caribbean, but it's referred to as the main beach. The second beach is privately owned by a fuel company, while government watches over the third beach. Many of the water taxis and sightseeing excursions are easy to access from the main beach.

In total, the island nation of Grenada is home to more than 30 world-class dive sites, home to rainbow hued marine life. Dipping below the surface, the dive sites on Petite Martinique will offer you the chance to see turtles, lobsters, and moray eels swimming among forests of coral reefs and sponges. Above the water, you'll have the chance to spot majestic whales. Guides from the dive shops on both islands can lead you to the sites. Petite Martinique is known most for its natural coral reefs. More challenging dives are found to the south of the island off the coast of the tiny island of Frigate Island, or off the western coast of Carriacou. Because everything is so close together, it won't take long to get to the dive site of your choice.

Sailing is another popular thing to do off the shores of Petite Martinique; skilled sailors can crew on their own, while newbies can take lessons or just join a chartered cruise. Fishing charters and sightseeing cruises are another way to take in the beauty of this small island. Dive shops, many of them based on Carriacou, and expert outfitters can guide you to the best dive sites on Petite Martinique.

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