Pink Gin Beach

Pink Gin Beach has an odd moniker that reflects the history of Grenada. Many visitors think they will find pink sand here, but its sand is fine and white. The soft white sand is clean and the water crystal clear, making it great for snorkeling. The water is also calm and remains quite shallow for quite a distance out, making it great for children on family vacations. The views are lovely, and there is a fine seafood dining spot right on the beach.

Many of the locals still refer to it as Pingouin Beach—its French name. France took control of the island in 1650, and its subsequent rule saw the extermination of the native Carib people. Rather than submit to French rule, the last of these people chose to leap to their death off what is now called Caribs Leap on the northern tip of the island near Levera National Park. In 1763, England took control from the French in 1763, and they renamed many former French places.

The French Pingouin Beach actually means “Penguin Beach,” also a bit confusing as there were never any penguins. The British thought pingouin sounded quite a bit like the cocktail (gin and a dash of pink Angostura bitters) that had became very fashionable in England. Some of the hotels Near Pink Gin Beach will serve an old fashioned pink gin in their bars. Another regional coincidence about the drink itself is that Angostura bitters was originally produced in the town of the same name in Venezuela, and production has since moved to the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. Both of these countries are quite close, only about 100 miles south. Some boating trips around the Grenada islands will also visit Trinidad and Tobago and the coast of Venezuela.

Pink Gin Beach is on the very southern tip of the main island, less than half a mile north of the international airport. To its north is Magazine Beach, followed by Morne Rouge Beach. There are quite a few hotels Near Pink Gin Beach, including a couple of the island’s all inclusive beach resorts. One of these is the lovely Spice Island Beach Resort, with its full-service spa and deluxe accommodations.


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