Grenada Snorkeling

Grenada snorkeling is available and rewarding at many types of sites only available to scuba divers in other locations, because so many of the Grenada snorkeling sites are in areas with very shallow waters. Coral reefs, along with their prolific sea life, come quite close to shore (as shallow as only eight feet) in many places, meaning some of the best snorkeling in Grenada can be found off the most popular beaches.

Grand Anse Beach is the most accessible (and one of the best) beaches on the main island. Numerous Grenada snorkeling operators are located here, and the resorts and luxury hotels provide all the appropriate equipment for their guests. Even a child on family vacations and novice swimmers will be rewarded with waving beds of sea grass sheltering shrimp and lobsters and colorful tropical fish without ever entering water over their heads.

Probably the best snorkeling in Grenada is found off Moliniere Point, which is a couple miles north of the capital city of St George's and can only be reached by boat. Many of the large ocean liners on Caribbean cruises offer day long excursions to this area to it passengers. Numerous water taxis from St George's make the trip, which takes between 20 and 30 minutes, on a regular basis. Grenada snorkeling sites here include Flamingo Bay, with its boulders of star coral and sea fans, and Dragon Bay, known for its little seahorses.

Moliniere Point is also the site of the Jason Taylor Underwater Sculpture Park, a vast garden of figures made by the sculptor from England. Many of these life-sized statues that primarily represent people and moments from the history of Grenada and its traditions, are only ten feet below the surface. This is one of the newest Grenada snorkeling sites that provide a glimpse into how coral reefs are formed, just as shipwrecks do.

Excellent Grenada snorkeling is also available on both the northern and southern tips of the main island, where there are numerous small coves and lagoons as well as a number of islands quite close to shore. The beaches off Levera National Park, in particular, provide great snorkeling opportunities. Little Sugar Loaf Island is only about 500 feet offshore, and you can just about wade there during low tide. On the southern tip, Hog Island is even closer to the shore. This was a prime pirating and smuggler’s area in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and some shipwrecks can be accessed by snorkelers.

You don’t have to stay on the main island for good snorkel sites. Some of the best snorkeling in Grenada will be found on the two smaller inhabited islands—Carriacou Island and Petite Martinique Island. Additionally, there are four uninhabited islands and dozens of tiny islands that are not much more than rocks protruding from the sea. Many of the scuba diving operators also operate snorkeling trips, and they often stop at prime snorkeling spots around the smaller islands for some time on idyllic deserted beaches and lazy drift snorkeling.

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