St George’s Grenada

St George’s Grenada
St George’s Grenada

St George's Grenada, the island's capital city, is the first place many people experience the island nicknamed the Spice Island. As the home of the airport and the cruise ship terminal, most visitors make their first stops in St George's.

After stepping off your cruises, you'll find an array of things to do in St George's close to the terminal. A two-minute walk will get you to the Esplanade Mall, where you can shop for jewelry, textiles, and and other bargains. Don't miss the chance to see the Sendall Tunnel, which connects the harbor to the Esplanade. When it was built in the 1890s, it was a wonder of modern engineering techniques. Great shopping, an essential element of St George's tourism, is also found at Market Square, where the locals come to shop for fresh produce, spices, and old tastes of the Caribbean. You'll also find an array of one-of-a-kind shops a stone's throw from the Carenage harbor, next to restaurants and historic buildings with a view.

Of course, not all of St George's tourism begins with a cruise ship. Some visitors arrive on their own yachts, while others first step foot on the island at the Bishop International Airport. No matter how they arrive, many of Grenada's visitors spend time soaking in the sun in St. George's Grenada, the main and most popular beach is Grand Anse Beach. This swatch of white sand stretches out for for more than two miles along the bay, looking just as lovely as you'd expect for a Caribbean beach. Known for its calm waters, the beach is a popular place for watersports, including scuba diving and snorkeling.

When you're looking for things to do in St George's, you will find a lot of options beyond the beaches and the bay. The list of St George's attractions includes a museum, a bevy of tours, and historic places to explore. Whether you're planning to spend an afternoon in the capital city or you have a week to see the sights, you'll have a chance to experience a bustling and charming community.

The National Museum, a popular option for things to do in St George's, is within walking distance from the cruise ship terminal and the inner harbor. Once you step inside, you'll have the chance to peek into the island's history, from the time of the Carib and Arawak, through the era of the European settlement, up through the modern day. This small but interesting museum is housed in an multifaceted building; over the years, it served as a barracks, prison, and the first hotel on Grenada.

Tours are another important element of St George's tourism scene. On one popular option, groups step aboard a jet boat for a tour they won't soon forget. On this leisurely excursion, you'll have the chance to learn about the volcanic history of the island and have a chance to watch for wildlife. Your guide will point out some of the must-sees, including leatherback turtles and an underground volcano. There's time for snorkelers to get out and explore. If you prefer to stay back, you can jam to some Caribbean-style music and soak in the sights, all while staying dry. Other tour options include guided walking tours and fishing charters.

With a tour of the Fort George National Historic Site, you'll find some of the best views in all of St George's Granada. The old fort, built in the first decade of the 1700s, is one of the last remaining and best preserved eighteenth-century masonry forts in the Caribbean. As you explore, you can learn more about British Naval hero John Paul Jones and the U.S. Military intervention in 1983.

Beyond the attractions, the capital city is home to wide array of tourism options. After a day of exploring, it will be quite relaxing to enjoy a meal in one of the distinctive restaurants. A wide array of hotels will provide a comfortable place to rest for the night and gear up for a new day full of fun and sun.

Top image: ahisgett (flickr)
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