Things to do in Grenada

Things to do in Grenada include the chance to soak up the sun and culture of this Caribbean destination. If you're stopping over on an island-hopping cruise or spending an extended vacation in one of the beach resorts, you'll have the chance to sample the experiences that make Grenada an exciting place.


One of the most popular Grenada activities, Carnival is a highly anticipated celebration that kicks off every July and continues into August. This bright, joyful cultural festival features the sounds of calypso music, parades, and much revelry. Every region hosts its own celebrations—in the capital city of Saint George's the celebration is called Spice Mas. As one of the hottest things to in Grenada during summer, Carnival is a lot of fun no matter what you call it. The sister island if Carriacou hosts a Carnival celebration just before Lent every February. This celebration includes many of the same events as the other, including colorful costumes and lively music. As of the wintertime Grenada activities, you might expect cold weather. However, temperatures can be in warm at the beginning of the year as they are in the summer. Thanks to the cooling trade winds, it's rarely more than 80 degrees at any time.


During Carnival season and any other time of year, you'll find an array of places to tour in Saint George's. The cosmopolitan city, home to the cruise ship terminal and airport, has an abundance of things to do and places to enjoy. Along the horseshoe-shaped Carenage Harbor, you'll find an array of Grenada attractions to visit, including the national history museum, which traces the island's history from the Native Carib people through the era of French and British settlements through the modern day. You'll also find abundant shopping opportunities among the colonial buildings turned into boutiques and the crafts market. Beyond the city, the island has spice plantations, waterfalls, and scenic settings to explore. Local companies lead tours to the tourist attractions in Grenada aboard Jeeps, on foot, and on buses.

Cruises and Boating

Taking to the water for a tour is another one of the popular things to do in Grenada. A sightseeing cruise is nice way to soak in the scenery and relax, especially when you set sail right before sunset. If you're a skilled sailor, you have the option to rent a boat for an afternoon or an extended bareback excursion, while newbies can take lessons or just go along for the ride. Many of the annual Grenada activities take place on the water, including the Grenada Sailing Festival in January. Also, the various boats are a good way to arrive at Grenada's sister islands. It takes about 90 minutes to travel between Saint George's and Carriacou's main city of Hillsborough, while the third island, Petite Martinique, is just minutes away from Carriacou by boat. Both the islands are accessible by air, which shaves off some time but takes away some of the fun of getting there.


All three of the islands offer their own beaches. Not surprisingly, these stretches of sun and sand are some of the most popular Grenada attractions. On the main island, you'll find that soft black sand beaches and stretches of white sands crafted over the reaches of time from coral shells. Thanks to stringent building rules, you won't find crowded, built-up beaches here. As the rules go, none of the hotels or surrounding developments are allowed to exceed the height of the palm trees. Some of the most popular include Bathway Beach and Pink Gin Beach.

Scuba and Snorkeling

Beneath the surface of the harbors and bays, you'll find some of the most colorful attractions in Grenada. Rainbows of fish, corals, and other marine life are amazing sights to behold. Whether you're just strapping on a snorkel for a view of the scenery or embarking on an extensive deep-water diving, you'll experience scenery that's like nothing above the surface.


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