Grenada Vacation Rentals

Grenada vacation rentals are available for clients on a tight budget, for those where budget is of little concern, and for everyone in between. You can find small apartments in St George's, the capital and largest city, elegant villas in lush secluded gardens, and rustic cottages on the beaches. A Grenada beach vacation rental is, in fact, the most sought after type of accommodation here.

Only the hotels and resorts on Grand Anse Beach rival Grenada vacation rentals in popularity. Here you will mainly find apartment buildings and small cottages. Most of the larger villas and homes around here are located a bit up the hills with wonderful views of the bay. They may still have beach access, but you may have to walk some or use car rentals.

Some Grenada vacation rentals also serve a double role as bed and breakfasts and guesthouses with both hotel style rooms as well as cottages with fully equipped kitchens. At these places, you may be sharing the swimming pool and other resort facilities with other guests, but still have the self catering facilities of a rental. Even some of the boutique luxury hotels have luxurious villas with modern, state-of-the-art kitchens. The Maca Bana overlooking Magazine Beach has cottages and banas with gleaming modern kitchens and private decks with hot tubs. You can cook for yourself or hire a chef from the adjoining restaurant to come in and give cooking lessons as your meal is prepared for you.

A Carriacou vacation rental is what you will find most often on that small island, which is fortunate because there are only a few small hotels. In fact, many Carriacou vacation homes are surprisingly modern and sophisticated given the undeveloped nature of the island and its lack of resorts and luxury hotels.

Many of these villas are owned by ex patriots (mostly from the UK and Europe) who use them as Carriacou vacation homes during the winter. These people generally spend their summers in Europe, so you can get excellent bargains during the shoulder seasons. Some of the high-end rental brokers even list yachts as a luxury Carriacou vacation rental option that they broker and manage, and you will find these on their books right alongside elegant villas.

Building Carriacou vacation homes has been a practice with colonials through much of the history of the islands, but it has become extremely popular in recent years. This means that many of the villas you will find are quite modern, and are located in some of the planned vacation communities that have sprung up recently. These communities are near small villages with stores, and new markets have been built close to them. This is important during vacations on this island, which doesn't have many dining spots or other services that are not part of the few hotels. Although a Carriacou vacation rental is quite easy to find, you will have to search a bit harder to find one on Petite Martinique Island. On this tiny island, there are only a couple of guesthouses and a few rustic beach cottages available.

Grenada Vacations

Grenada Vacations

Grenada vacations are available to suit all tastes, interests, and budgets. The accommodations available range from Grenada vacation rentals and charming bed and breakfasts to luxury resorts on beautiful beaches. Some accommodations are very much off the beaten path, and require car rentals for transportation. But you can still find secluded spots that are easily accessible by foot and water taxi.

One of the best ways to secure cheap vacations to Grenada is to utilize some of the Grenada vacation rentals that can be found on all three of the inhabited islands. You can find modest studio and one-bedroom apartments in the capital city of St George's that are inexpensive, but have a location giving you very convenient access to all the major attractions on the main island. You can walk the little more than a mile to Grand Anse Beach, the most popular of the island's beaches, or stroll down to the harbor to take an inexpensive water taxi. Boating trips from the St Georges harbor, in fact, can take you not only to other places on the main island, but also to Petite Martinique Island, Carriacou Island, and the other little uninhabited islands of the archipelago.

If you are into any or all of these activities, and neither cheap Grenada vacation rentals nor luxury hotels are to your liking, you can find accommodations onboard yachts of varying degrees of comfort. These are the ultimate luxury vacations to Grenada for many people, providing the flexibility to travel from place to place independently and explore (or relax) at your own pace. Yachts are available in a wide variety of styles and degree of comfort (and price). If you're looking for a cheap sailing vacation, it is possible to book a berth on a pre-scheduled itinerary that other people also book onto. The professional crew is the minimum required, and the paying passengers do much of the work, from hoisting sails to cooking in the galley. Or you can find extremely luxurious yachts with elegant salons, plush guest cabins, and a crew that can include cabin attendants, chefs, and wait staff.

Even Grenada vacations that are focused on the water will want to put ashore periodically to explore. The main island, in particular, has a great deal of natural beauty and sites important to Grenada history. The northern part of the island is where most of the spice and sugar cane plantations were located. These products are still important to the country, and you can tour working spice plantations or the country's oldest rum distillery (dating to 1785) where you can watch the entire process of extracting sugar from cane and distilling it into the most popular liquor to come out of the Caribbean. Most of the central part of the main island is mountainous rainforest protected by beautiful Grand Etang National Park. This area is extremely popular with hikers who can observe colorful tropical birdlife, stop at sparkling waterfalls, and ascend the highest point in the country for magnificent views.

Some luxury vacations to Grenada stay in the country only for one or two nights. These are cruises onboard large ocean liners that will also stop in for a night or two at other Caribbean ports. The ships will offer shore excursions to the passengers that often include snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as tours into Grand Etang National Park in the island interior and to Levera National Park on the island's north tip where the snorkeling a excellent and sea turtles uses the beach for nesting.

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