Grenada Tourism

Grenada tourism is fantastic in every season. Like other islands in the Caribbean, this location is blessed with year-round pleasant weather. If the winter blues are creeping in at home, a visit to warm and sunny Grenada will chase the blahs far away. Visitors to Grenada rarely speak about the dog days of summer either; they're too busy enjoying the sun, sand, and surf. All the seasons in between are wonderful as well.

The best time to go to Grenada depends on the individual traveler's plans, rather than the weather. Most days are sunny with cooling trade winds. The sun shines all year and the weather is warm enough to enjoy some swimming or snorkeling. Throughout the year, the island nation enjoys relatively consistent temperatures, with highs between 75 and 85 degrees. Thanks to the pleasant weather, whatever time of year you want to go is the best time to go to Grenada.

Even during the rainy season, travel to Grenada is hardly a wash out. Between June and December, the chance for rain is the strongest, but it rarely rains for more than a hour or two at a time. Hurricanes, which hit during the rainy season, are rather rare occurrences, but not impossible. After Hurricane Ivan rolled through in 2004, the rebuilding projects that followed improved many of the hotels and infrastructure offerings.

For budget travelers, the rainy season is the best time to go to Grenada. Tour companies and car rentals often drop their rates in the second half of the year, making bargains easier to find. You'll also have a good chance to find bargains at the hotels. The occupancy rates tend to drop during the rainy times, which means the hotels will be more willing to charge less for the same accommodations.

When you want to include time at the beach in your plans for Grenada tourism, there's no bad time to go. The stretches of sand that ring the island are as inviting in January and are they are in October. Many of the beaches line secluded harbors sheltered from the storms. July and August do tend to be a little warmer, so a dip in the ocean or pools at the resorts and hotels will be extra refreshing when you travel to Grenada in the summer.

The scenic setting is part of the draw for travel to Grenada, especially for romantic getaways. Many couples choose the island where the air is scented with spices and flowers for their weddings and honeymoons. Thanks to the consistently sunny conditions, there's no scrambling for reservations and crossing your fingers for nice weather. Couples do need to spend at least three days on the island before applying for a marriage license, and many of the resorts offer special packages that can help you fill your time before and after the ceremony.

Whatever your reason for visiting, you'll find that Grenada tourism is not impeded by the weather. Beyond the beach, you'll find a wide array of places to explore beyond the beaches and hotels. Tours of the nutmeg and sugar cane plantations provide a fascinating picture into the Grenada's culture and singular setting. The island's sophisticated side can be experienced in the shops, restaurants, and streets of Saint George's, the capital city.

The two smaller islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique are worth visiting too. With the same lovely weather, these small islands are favorite places for diving, thanks to the abundance of reefs and marine life.

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