Guadeloupe Airports

Guadeloupe airports make traveling to these beautiful French islands in the Caribbean easy. There are many reasons why visitors choose this destination for their vacations; from white-sand beaches to stunning waterfalls to the French culture, there is plenty to discover throughout this archipelago. Once you have been tempted by all of the local attractions, the next step is to start doing some practical research, which for most tourists means investigating flights to the Guadeloupe airports. Travelers will have two choices for flying to Grand-Terre Island, Pointe a Pitre Airport and Saint Francois Airport. On Marie-Galante island there is a third public airport as well, Marie-Galante Airport. If you want to fly to Guadeloupe on your own private plane, there are smaller, restricted airports as well, but most travelers arrive at one of these three.

The largest of all the Guadeloupe airports is Pointe a Pitre Airport. In 2008, the airport served between 2 million and 2.5 million people. Located in Abymes, this airport is only a very short drive from Pointe a Pitre. It is considered a hub for both Air Antilles Express and Air Caraibes. Other airlines that operate out of this airport include Air Canada, Air France, American Eagle Airlines, Air Transat, LIAT, and Corsairfly. Because the island of Guadeloupe is part of the overseas region of France, it is well connected to French-speaking destinations. If you’re trying to fly to Guadeloupe from Paris, Montreal, or one of the other French-speaking Caribbean islands, such as Martinique, you won’t have a problem.

The other public airport on the island of Grande-Terre is the Saint Francois Airport. This smaller airport is located approximately 25 miles from the Pointe a Pitre Airport near the small village of Saint-Francois. Return visitors arriving on charters who own property in Guadeloupe or are choosing vacation rentals over hotels often choose this smaller airport. Depending on what hotel, resort, or vacation rental you choose, one of these Guadeloupe airports might be more convenient than the other. However, the truth is that the best airfare should be your determining factor because traveling across the island is easy.

If you want to fly to Guadeloupe, specifically the island of Marie-Galante, it is possible to fly into the public airport on this island. It has only one runway and receives charter flights as well as flights from other nearby islands. Many visitors to this section of the Caribbean choose to island hop during one trip. Beyond Guadeloupe, you’ll find Martinique and many other islands that will also deliver a great Caribbean experience. A ferry is another transportation option as well if you would rather see the sights from the deck of a boat.

There are three restricted airports in Guadeloupe as well: Baillif Airport in Basse-Terre, Grande-Anse Airport in Le Desirade, and Les Saintes Airport in Terre-de-Haut. Some travelers to Guadeloupe are surprised by the number of European- French they meet on the island. During the cold winters, many French people cross the pond for a trip to the tropical weather of the Caribbean. On the island of Guadeloupe, they will find similar culture, cuisine, and language as home. The same is true to French-speaking Canadians. The weather, dining, resorts, and natural beauty of Guadeloupe attracts many of the same visitors year after year.

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