Guadeloupe Cheap Hotels

Guadeloupe cheap hotels are not as numerous as other lodging options, as Guadeloupe is not a shoestring destination, but there are enough places that budget travelers can stay there reasonably with money left over for scuba diving and other such activities. Cheap Guadeloupe lodging generally takes the form of guesthouses or small inns, which offer affordable accommodation and nice amenities. Unfortunately for backpackers and other budget travelers, hostels are not very common, nor are camping or other cheap accommodation, so you are unlikely to find a bed for a few dollars a night. Nevertheless, it is possible to find some good Guadeloupe hotel deals at reasonable mid-range prices.

In the resort town of St. Francois, a good option for relatively cheap Guadeloupe lodging is the Amaudo Hotel (pictured). Clean and nicely furnished, the Amaudo offers good basic accommodation without excessive luxuries to drive the price up. Breakfasts are French, with a good selection of fresh bread and fruit. For your other meals, the hosts can give good recommendations for restaurants in St. Francois, which is just a five-minute drive away. You will probably need a rental car to get to Amaudo, as it is in a secluded location, but the beautiful views of the ocean, the garden, and short path to the beach make it worth the drive. Consistently rated one of the favorite hotels in Guadeloupe, the Amaudo is one of the best choices in Guadeloupe cheap hotels.

While most of the big resorts and hotels are located on the southern coast of Grande-Terre, there are excellent Guadeloupe hotel deals to be found on off-the-beaten-track places like Terre-de-Haut, the main island of Les Saintes. Here, in a secluded spot away from the crowds, but within steps of the beach is an excellent choice for cheap Guadeloupe lodging, the Residence GrandBaie. A small hotel with just a few rooms, it is an excellent location for a couple or a few friends to spend several days in peace and comfort. Rooms are homey and comfortable, decorated in a Creole style, and terraces look out onto the beautiful Bay of Terre-de-Haut and further in the distance, the rest of Guadeloupe. Well-situated to enjoy the trails on the mountain, as well as the calm of the beaches, Residence GrandBaie is an excellent choice.

Another popular option is the Hotel Caraib'Bay in Deshaies on the north part of Grande-Terre. This town is next to one of the most beautiful beaches on Grande-Terre, Grande Anse, and is in a good location to access both the beaches and the restaurants of Deshaies. Jewel-toned bungalows are the accommodations of choice here, with rooms decorated in a colorful Caribbean style. Basic breakfasts are available at the hotel, though you'll have to go elsewhere for your other meals. There is also a large pool, and the bungalows are surrounded by a lush tropical garden. Caraib'Bay isn't a shoestring option, but few of those exist in Guadeloupe, and Caraib'Bay is among the best values of the Guadeloupe cheap hotels.

Check on the web for Guadeloupe hotel deals, such as through the booking widget on this page. Some resorts, such as Club Med in St Anne, offer charter flights and will take you straight to the resort, for a lower price. Look for package deals that include discounted rates at all-inclusive resorts, and staying in Guadeloupe may be cheaper than you expect.

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