Guadeloupe Diving

Guadeloupe diving and snorkeling will keep travelers who love water sports very busy during a trip here. It is possible to enjoy an array of activities on and in the water when you visit this Caribbean destination, but scuba diving is one of the most popular, with incredible diving sites around the island and a number of diving charters who take the mystery out of planning a day diving. Whether you are an experienced diver or simply want to get into the water with your snorkel mask and flippers, Guadeloupe will be a great place in the Caribbean to gaze at underwater wildlife.

Many visitors also plan a trip to learn how to scuba dive in Guadeloupe. If you’ve always wanted to give scuba a try, this Caribbean island is the place to make it happen. Resorts offer scuba certification classes. You will learn the basics, start out in the pool, and work your way up towards your first day. Once you receive your certification, you are free to head out on diving excursions on the rest of your trip to Guadeloupe and other trips as well. If this sounds like a lot of commitment, Guadeloupe snorkeling is just as popular as well. You will see almost the same amount of underwater life by remaining on the surface as you will see if you go diving.

Guadeloupe diving takes place along 150 miles of Caribbean coastline. If you want to scuba dive in Guadeloupe and have this be the central focus of your trip, Basse Terre has the most diving spots and a large number of operators, as well as plenty of lovely beaches. One obstacle you may encounter with Guadeloupe diving is a language barrier. Some tour operators only speak French. When planning scuba, sometimes it is best to consult with the concierge at your hotel who will be able to help you find an operator that speaks English. This will ensure that you don’t run into any problems during your scuba diving excursion.

Some of the best places to scuba dive in Guadeloupe include Pigeon Island (where you will also see two shipwrecks), Grand Cul de Sac Marin and Iles des Saintes. Telling your tour operator what you’re interested in seeing and your experience level will help him to recommend a destination for your dive. Another option is to enjoy Guadeloupe snorkeling. There is almost no better way to spend a day than by chartering a boat, going for a snorkel, and enjoying the sunset. While some visitors think that chartering a boat is expensive, in some areas, it is comparable to a scuba tour.

Whether you choose Guadeloupe snorkeling or diving, you are sure to encounter some incredible creatures. From sea turtles to white sea urchin to colorful coral, each dive will be full of color and life. While it is possible to do some snorkeling independently, letting professionals guide you will result in seeing the best sites. They will take you to specific areas known for aquatic life, and will help you to maximize your time in Guadeloupe. No matter where you’re staying on the island, a scuba tour operator and dive site won’t be far away. For an adventurous vacation, Guadeloupe is a great choice in the Caribbean.

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