Guadeloupe Flights

Guadeloupe flights are reasonably easy to find, but travelers seeking direct flights from the US and Canada will find relatively few options. There are more direct flights from France, as Guadeloupe is an overseas department of France, or from other Caribbean islands, such as Martinique. All international flights will arrive in the airport of Le Raizet, whose airport code is PTP, in Pointe-a-Pitre.

From the US, there are direct Guadeloupe flights from Atlanta on Delta Airlines. American Airlines also flies to Guadeloupe from various destinations in the US, with a stopover in San Juan. From Canada, there are direct flights from Montreal through Air Canada, and other flights with stopovers routed through Montreal. From Paris, Nantes, and Brest in France there are numerous direct flights. If you don't mind stopping at a few different places, however, the best way to get cheap flights to Guadeloupe is from other Caribbean islands such as Martinique, Barbados, St Martin, and others. Regional flights between Caribbean islands will most likely be handled by Air Caraibes or LIAT.

Another good option for budget Guadeloupe airfare is booking a vacation package through a travel agency. Often these tours will provide cheap flights to Guadeloupe in addition to accommodation at an all-inclusive resort. Club Med, for instance, operates charter flights from various US and Canadian cities that combine Guadeloupe airfare with a stay in their resort on Guadeloupe. These Guadeloupe flights have the added convenience of providing transportation to and from the airplane to your hotel.

You can also find cheap flights to Guadeloupe during special events and seasons. Look for special package deals during the summer, or winter holidays such as Christmas and New Year. If you're looking for a honeymoon package, you're in luck - there are usually many honeymoon deals that offer good value on Guadeloupe airfare and an all-inclusive experience. As usual, check travel websites often for seasonal packages and deals.

International Guadeloupe flights arrive in Le Raizet International Airport in Pointe-a-Pitre, also known as Guadeloupe Pole Caraibes Airport. As an overseas department of France, Guadeloupe benefits from amenities of a very high standard. You will find help desks, ATMs, car rental companies, shuttle buses, restaurants, a Post Office and other conveniences at the airport. The duty-free shop here may be a good place to do some shopping for luxury French goods, such as perfumes and wines.

You will also find several travel agencies that can set you up with a tour, recommend Guadeloupe hotels if you have not yet booked one, and help arrange other conveniences. The currency in use is the Euro, which you can get from the ATMs in the airport, and Mastercard and Visa are commonly accepted. Be aware that the ATMs in use are European ATMs, and you may wish to check with your bank whether your bank card will be accepted.

From the airport, it is just 6 miles to downtown Pointe-a-Pitre, and you can travel the distance in rental car, or by taxi or bus.

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