Guadeloupe Beaches

The Guadeloupe beaches are many, so finding one to suit your taste and preference won't be hard. Some of the beaches in Guadeloupe have ample facilities and are ideal for water sports, while others feature little more than sand and palm trees and are perfect for relaxing. The hotel beaches typically offer the most in the way of facilities, and they are mostly frequented by tourists. Some of the most popular beach hotels in Guadeloupe can be found at Gosier on the southwestern shore of Grand Terre. The popularity of these hotels is influenced by the fact that some of the best Guadeloupe beaches can be found on Grand Terre's southern coast. From Gosier to St-Francois, the beaches are of high quality.

A Guadeloupe beach vacation can see you engaging in various watersports or taking it easy on a relatively secluded beach. It can also see you going au natural if you please. Because Guadeloupe is an overseas department of France, nudity is allowed on most of the beaches. According to those in the know, Pointe Tarare Beach is the territory's best nude beach, and it is just a 45-minute drive from Gosier. Whether you are planning on wearing a bathing suit or not, relaxing at Pointe Tarare Beach is a great way to unwind. It's one of the more tranquil beaches in Guadeloupe, and it's also one of the more pristine. You'll find a restaurant at Pointe Tarare Beach, and parking is available.

Not all of the best beaches in Guadeloupe are nude beaches, and non-nudists can always make a break for Anse de la Gourde. This beach boasts soft, white sand, and as such, it tends to be busy on the weekends. You can find some good hotels within five miles of Anse de la Gourde, and the town of St-Francois is also close by if you want to explore it on the side. It is worth noting that there is a fine, 18-hole golf course at St-Francois. Heading back towards the Ste-Anne area of Grand Terre, Plage Caravelle is another beach worth visiting. The white sand here attracts a healthy number of sunbathers, and since the waters are protected by a reef, they are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. While the island of Grand Terre is considered to have the best beaches in Guadeloupe, beach connoisseurs will also do well to visit the island of Basse-Terre. Some of the smaller islands in this Caribbean territory also boast some attractive strips of sand.

The beaches on the west side of Basse-Terre are the island's most agreeable, and while you can find some secluded gems on the northwest coast, heading any further north is not recommended. That's because the beaches on the island's north coast are especially dangerous for swimming. Heading back down the northwest coast of Basse-Terre, La Plage de Cluny, and Plage de la Perle are just some of the small, secluded Guadeloupe beaches that you can visit. The mountains on Basse-Terre help to keep these beaches relatively secluded, and they are often your best bet for escaping the crowds. Should you prefer a beach with more in the way of facilities, Plage de Caraibes will likely be a good fit. In addition to picnic facilities, this beach also offers public showers and toilets.

For those who are planning a Guadeloupe beach vacation, most of the top hotels are right on the beach. If you're hotel isn't on a beach, however, you are not likely to be more than twenty minutes away from a fine stretch of sand. Most of the best beaches in Guadeloupe are public beaches and therefore free, though you might have to pay for parking. Trips to some of the best Guadeloupe beaches can be arranged by cruise ship passengers with relative ease, and while the other French Caribbean island of Martinique is also worth visiting, Guadeloupe arguably has better beaches. Whether you're on a cruise or not, Guadeloupe will satisfy your need for beach time. When you're not enjoying some quality beach time on your Guadeloupe escape, some of the other activities that are popular with visitors include deep sea fishing, hiking, and scuba diving.

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Guadeloupe Beaches


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