Guadeloupe Hotels

Guadeloupe Hotels
Guadeloupe Hotels

One of the best things about the Guadeloupe hotels is that most of them can be found on the beach. There are quite a few of Guadeloupe beaches to choose from, and the same can be said when it comes to beachfront Guadeloupe accommodations. For those who want to enjoy a range of facilities and activities, then a stay at one of the Guadeloupe resorts is arguably the way to go. Should you want to save on rates when looking for lodging in Guadeloupe, then staying at a guest house is always an option. The various lodging options in Guadeloupe also include vacation rentals.

La Plantation Resort

La Plantation Resort
La Plantation Resort

Understandably so, many visitors flock to Guadeloupe to enjoy time on the beach. The beaches on Guadeloupe's seven different islands offer just about every kind of beach setting imaginable. The southern coast of the island of Grand Terre is home to some of the most highly-regarded beachfront Guadeloupe resorts and hotels, and they include the La Plantation Resort and the Amaudo Hotel. These lodging establishments offer easy access to the territory's preeminent beaches. Many visitors stick to the Gosier and Sainte Francois areas when searching for Guadeloupe hotels on Grand Terre's southern coast.

Hotel Amaudo

Hotel Amaudo
Hotel Amaudo

The Guadeloupe resorts aren't the most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean, but places such as La Plantation Resort do offer discerning guests a pleasant lodging experience. There are 60 apartment and studio units at La Plantation, and they offer fully equipped kitchenettes, satellite TV, air conditioning, and other welcoming touches. An attractive outdoor pool figures among the overall amenities, and next to the pool is an excellent restaurant that is known for its "refined Creole cuisine." As for the Amaudo Hotel, it is an intimate retreat that offers an ideal Cocolo Beach location. The six guest units at the Amaudo Hotel are relatively low on amenities, but it's hard to beat the views from the pool deck, not to mention the friendly rates.

There are several tasteful hotels to choose from on the island of Grand Terre, and if you don't want to stick to the busier southern coast, then there are other options. Grand Terre isn't the only island worth checking into when looking for lodging in Guadeloupe. Basse Terre is the territory's other main island, and you can always stay at one of its hotels if you prefer. Two of the best Basse Terre Guadeloupe hotels are the Caraib'Bay Hotel and the Le Jardin Malanga Hotel. While other Caribbean destinations such as Puerto Rico and Jamaica offer a variety of sprawling resorts, Guadeloupe offers smaller hotels like these, which is what some travelers prefer.

Stay at the mid-priced Caraib'Bay Hotel, and you'll be a short walk from Grand Anse Beach, which is one of Basse Terre's finest strips of sand. Since the hotel borders a national park, you can enjoy ample hiking opportunities when you're not relaxing at the beach. The guest units at the Caraib'Bay Hotel are relatively simple bungalow-style units that are clean, comfortable, and very nice for the price. Over at the Le Jardin Malanga Hotel, the rates are pretty agreeable as well. Lodging in Guadeloupe isn't too expensive on the whole, as most of the hotels here offer relatively simple guest units.

Like Martinique, Guadeloupe offers a slice of France in the Caribbean. Many visitors to this French-owned territory are Europeans, though you certainly don't have to be European to enjoy a visit here. English is widely spoken, especially at the Guadeloupe resorts and hotels. Tourism is the main industry here, which is why there are a wide variety of accommodations choices. Thankfully, lodging in Guadeloupe is relatively inexpensive, therefore, you should have some money left over for scuba diving, which is one of the top things to do here. Some of the other popular things to do on a Guadeloupe vacation include snorkeling and taking glass-bottom boat tours.

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