Pointe a Pitre Hotels

Pointe a Pitre hotels are what many travelers to Guadeloupe seek, but most people often end up staying in the Gosier area, which is technically a part of Pointe a Pitre, but really has its own identity and atmosphere. Gosier is located just a few minutes' drive from downtown Pointe a Pitre, and has access to far more beaches and tourist attractions than Pointe a Pitre proper. Tourists who are looking for a Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe hotel would do well to search for options in Gosier.

If you are in transit and just passing through Pointe a Pitre, and just need a place to stay the night before catching another flight, the two star Hotel Saint John Perse may be one of very few Pointe a Pitre hotels in the city proper. This hotel is a busy one, as it serves many guests who are just passing through and who need Guadeloupe accommodations for a night. Rooms have en suite bathrooms but are very basic. It does have the benefit of being located next to a busy shopping area with several cafes and restaurants, which makes it a good place to find Guadeloupe accommodations if you want just a taste of Pointe a Pitre.

Otherwise, most tourists will head straight for Gosier and its beaches, nightclubs and casinos. Fortunately, tourists looking for Pointe a Pitre hotels are well served by the hotels in Gosier, just a short cab or car ride from Pointe a Pitre. Here you will find the four-star Sofitel Vieille Tour, arguably the best Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe hotel available, where you will feel truly on vacation in the Caribbean. Sip fresh fruit juices on the terrace overlooking the tropical ocean, and sample the gastronomic delights at the sophisticated hotel restaurant. Many of the Sofitel's rooms look out on the ocean, and you can expect a high level of luxurious décor and sumptuous furniture. A small beach with white sand and palm trees is ready to welcome the visitor in search of relaxation.

Another good Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe Hotel is the three-star Hotel Fleur d'Epée (pictured). A beautiful large swimming pool next to the ocean is perfect for cooling off, while lounge chairs and cocktails are available for those who prefer to lounge. While not as sumptuous as the Sofitel Vieille Tour, the Fleur d'Epée is nevertheless clean and pleasant, decorated with the colors of the sea. If you choose the all-inclusive option, a variety of fresh and local dishes will be prepared for your meals, and even some evening entertainment during your dinner. From the Fleur d'Epée you can explore the nearby beach, go swimming and snorkeling, and be within easy access of Gosier's other conveniences: more beaches, bars, clubs, and shopping. However, if you prefer a little seclusion on your vacation, the Fleur d'Epée delivers peaceful Guadeloupe accommodations.

Keep in mind that Guadeloupe is a French-speaking territory, and that you are likely to obtain much better service if you attempt, even a little, to speak French. Do not be surprised if staffers at many hotels do not speak English well, as their greatest customer base hails from France. However, if you are patient, you are likely to have a very good experience traveling in Guadeloupe.

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