The Guadeloupe weather forecast in January is sunny and warm, with breezes from the ocean creating mild temperatures, a perfect escape from frigid winters in Western countries. Epiphany, or the Festival of Kings, takes place this month, and don’t miss the Carnival that starts in January and continues until Lent.

Sunny weather is almost guaranteed in February. The few tropical rains will be short and pass quickly, making this a perfect time for the beach or jungle excursions where you expect to time outdoors. Winter is the best time for big waves for surfing, and Carnival continues with extensive festivities, parades, and concerts.

In March, the weather in Guadeloupe begins to get warmer while staying sunny. This is a great time to snorkel and swim at the beach. Surfing continues to be popular. in April, temperatures begin to rise, and so does precipitation. Check the Guadeloupe weather forecast before heading out on prolonged excursions during this month. St Francois has a Celebration of the Sea festival.

May weather in Guadeloupe is heading towards the rainy season with more precipitation. This can be a good time to visit Guadeloupe if you want to avoid crowds, or attend the International Music Festival in Marie Galante. Hot and humid temperatures in June mark the start of the off-season. Travelers visiting now can find discounts on airfare and resort stays. If you don't mind the heat, consider running the Soufriere Trail in Basse Terre, an international run.

In July, hurricane season begins. The best waves for surfing begin over in Basse Terre during the stormy season. Festival Guadeloupe begins, which has food, music, and performances around the archipelago. The greatest threat of hurricanes occurs August to November. Check the weather forecast before heading out, and take precautions if venturing away from your resort. Nonetheless, there are several summer festivals all over Guadeloupe in August.

Hot and humid describes September in Guadeloupe, not a good time to explore the outdoors, as you stand a good chance of being drenched. In October, the hot and humid weather lets up slightly. Various cities have their patron saint holidays.

The threat of hurricanes abates in November, though tourists should still check the forecast. November is the beginning of cockfight season, and on All Saints' Day on November 1, cemeteries are illuminated with candles. The peak season begins in December, with Christmas and winter holiday festivities. Look for holiday concerts, banquets, and local festivities. Many resorts offer deals during the Christmas season along with entertainment and events.

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