Haiti Hotels

For low prices and casual resorts, Haiti is the place to go. The stigma attached to Haitian travel is, unfortunately, still there, and the country barely exists as a tourist destination. Regardless of the many hotels in Haiti, many of them are criminally underbooked, many of the beaches go unvisited. The social inequality is appalling, yes, but it is also a land of beauty and mystery. Unfortunately, it is only the former that many countries see when footage of Haiti comes on television.

While many prefer to stay away from the urban setting of Port-au-Prince, those who want to get real insight into Haitian culture will choose its humble array of lodgings. The vicinity of the slums are certainly off-putting, but it is also near many Haiti attractions. Located on the bay, the capital city is a sweeping metropolis that spreads across the Cul-de-Sac Plain to the foothills of the Massif de la Salle. The Hotel Oloffson was once one of the best Haiti hotels, though more elegant models have cropped up since its inception over 20 years ago. Staying here will grant you with access to the Haiti attractions such as Fort Jacques, an ancient fort that bestows guests with unmatched views of the harbor.

One of Haiti's most affluent areas is Petionville. Situated on a serene hillside overlooking the capital, Petionville is the epicenter for restaurants, art galleries and hotels in Haiti. The Kinam Hotel is here, and unlike some of the downtown areas of the city, you are perfectly safe to stroll around at night. Within walking distance are some of the finest Haiti attractions, making this one of the few areas where Haitian tourism thrives. The Hotel El Rancho is another popular option as well. The Hotel Montana, a four-star property that was once regarded as among Haiti's best hotels, was badly damaged in the 2010 earthqake, and it was subsequently razed rather than be rebuilt, but there is hope among the owners that it may eventually reopen.

Although most travelers head to the mountains when on the island, Haiti beaches are quite underrated. One of the most popular Haiti hotels is the Kaliko Beach Club. Though about an hour's drive from the downtown area, it is still considered part of Port-au-Prince. But it looks nothing like it. The black sand beaches and general atmosphere is more like the luxurious Caribbean resorts on other islands – a far cry from what many might expect in this country.

While most of the hotels in Haiti are on the outskirts of the capital city, the island's northern Atlantic coast is growing as a tourist destination too, albeit slowly. Near Cap Haitien, you will find the Citadel, a gigantic fortress built after the country freed itself from French rule. An attempt by the island's first king to build a palace that would rival Versailles, those lucky enough to find a room nearby will be treated to incredible views of the towering structure.

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