Labadee, or Labadie, as is the alternate spelling, is a resort area that can be found on the northern coast of Haiti. Leased to Royal Caribbean International, it is an exclusive destination for the cruise line’s passengers. No other tourists are allowed within the gated region. Many native Haitians are allowed on the premises, however. They consist mostly of approved merchants who were given permission by Royal Caribbean to set up shop and sell their goods. There is much more to Labadee Haiti than just its shopping opportunities, however. The beaches are the main attraction, and there is plenty of beautiful scenery to take in. Other options for things to do in Labadee include, but aren’t limited to, visiting the kid-oriented Aqua Park, taking kayaking tours, going on thrilling parasailing rides, cruising along the coast on a waverunner, and indulging in exciting zip-line rides. You can also spend some of your time in Labadee lounging around in a hammock and indulging in "Labaduzees" – the resort’s signature frozen drink.

Thanks in part to the multi-million dollar improvements that Royal Caribbean made to Labadee Haiti back in 2009, the cruise line is able to bring its largest ships into port. After docking at the pier, many cruise passengers understandably head straight for the beaches. Among the main beaches in Labadee are Adrenaline Beach, Nellie’s Beach, and the beach at Columbus Cove. Adrenaline Beach is a newer beach, and it is where you can find the Dragon’s Tail Coaster – a fairly low-thrill ride that caters to virtually all ages. When Adrenaline Beach visitors aren’t riding the coaster or sunbathing on the sand, they can go swimming. There are also opportunities to play volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Nellie’s Beach is where you’ll want to go if you are interested in enjoying a kayaking tour. It’s also a great place to relax, as it is a rather pristine and tranquil strip of sand. Floating beach mats can be rented at Nellie’s Beach, and there are complimentary beach lounge chairs.

The beach at Columbus Cove is one of the most family-friendly Haiti beaches. It’s location along a protected cove certainly makes it a good swimming spot, and there are trees along the sand that provide natural shade. This is also where you will find Aqua Park – one of the largest parks of its kind in the entire Caribbean region. Also worth noting are the barbecue lunch buffets that are held at Columbus Cove.

Rounding out the list of main Labadee beaches is the strip of sand that pertains to the Barefoot Beach Club. This beach and the affiliated beach club are exclusive to Royal Caribbean passengers who are staying in suites. Among the main features of the Barefoot Beach Club are its 20 private cabanas, which are found along the water and on the hillsides that back the beach. The club is also known for its enhanced food and beverage services.

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