Dunns River Falls

Dunns River Falls
Dunns River Falls

Dunns River Falls Jamaica regularly tops lists of the world's most beautiful waterfalls. Most Jamaica tours include a visit at this natural wonder. Whether on a Ocho Rios vacation or on a stopover on a Jamaica cruise, a visit to Dunns River Falls is a must.

Although it is a place of exquisite natural beauty, a visit to Dunns River Falls Jamaica is far from a communion with nature. Visitors on Jamaican cruises and from the local resorts flock to the falls.

Dunns River Falls Jamaica Pictures
Dunns River Falls Jamaica Pictures

Tickets to Dunns River Falls cost about $20 a person, so it is no surprise that the falls are Jamaica's highest grossing attraction. For this, you can relax on the beach beneath the 600 feet of cool rushing water or hike down the stone steps along the splashing falls. A guide will help lead you to the beach, but the steps can be slippery so be sure to wear appropriate footwear. Despite the risks, there seem to be few accidents at the falls. Guides will lead you in long daisy chains of people holding hands and provide information on the falls, the surrounding area, and likely much else besides. A small tip is expected.

The walk past cool pools and cascades under the forest canopy makes a nice excursion on a Ocho Rios vacation and can provide a break from the Jamaican heat. At the bottom, the Dunns River Falls beach is pleasant but crowded. There are lockers and changing rooms to get into beach gear and splash in the cool water then swim in the warm Caribbean.

Renovations to the visitor complex at Dunns River Falls Jamaica were recently completed. The complex now features a live music stage, adequate restaurant, jerk chicken huts, and a gazebo for weddings. This is certainly a unique place for a Jamaica wedding. To exit the complex, you must pass through a crafts market, where ubiquitous Jamaican vendors aggressively push their souvenirs.

Jamaica tours from most Ocho Rios hotels to Dunns River Falls are available. Most cruise ships will have information on off-boat excursions to the falls. A good idea for Jamaica tours if you only have one day in Ocho Rios is to visit both Dunns River Falls and nearby Dolphin Cove, then catch a drink in Island Village at Ocho Rios.

If you are on an Ocho Rios vacation, it is best to visit the Dunns River Falls on a weekend or in the morning before the cruise ships arrive. At first, the price can seem extortionate, but a visit to Dunns River Falls is worth every penny.

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