Harley Davidson Jamaica

Harley Davidson Jamaica is a natural fit for the island. With so much great scenery just waiting to be explored, Jamaica seems in invite exploration, and motorcyclists love to get out and explore. With highways hugging beaches, winding up mountains, and twisting through rain forests, Jamaica is the perfect place to explore on a motorcycle. Even if you’ve never taken a ride on two wheels, it could still be fun to add some Harley to your vacation. Its stores are a great place for shopping for t-shirts and gear.

Harley Davidson T Shirts

Everyone from sixty-five-year-old bikers to little bitty kids look good in Harley Davidson gear. But it’s not all leather pants and bandannas. Official Harley gear also includes T shirts, which make a great souvenir if you don’t have a lot of room left in your suitcase. Harley Davidson style extends to both mens’ and ladies’ styles as well as kids’ wear. And the T shirts are great for a cover-up at the local beaches when you’ve had enough sun.

Harley Davidson Jamaica Locations

It wasn’t until 2006 that Harley Davidson dealerships arrived on the island of Jamaica. Once the dealerships arrived, it didn’t take long for more to open. Currently, there are six Harley locations, found in the most popular vacation destinations. In Ocho Rios, the Harley shop is just a five-minute walk from the cruise ship pier. The Montego Bay store is also close to the transportation network, located right in the Sangster International Airport. You’ll also find Harley Davidson Jamaica locations in Negril, not far from Seven Mile Beach, as well as in Falmouth, right on the cruise ship pier. The sixth location, Whitter Village, is near the Montego Bay hotels.

Harley Davidson Jamaica Gear

Whether you’re shopping in Montego Bay or one of the other Jamaica vacation destinations, you’ll want to look for gear at the official locations. It’s not uncommon to find counterfeit goods away from the authorized dealers. You don’t want to be taken for a ride and spend your hard-earned money on sub-standard gear, so shop smart.

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