Jamaica Resorts

Today, most visitors to Jamaica choose to stay in all inclusive resorts, which include the costs of food, drinks, and leisure activities in the price of a hotel room. Jamaica all inclusive resorts are a great way to experience the charm of the native culture while relaxing in a comfortable environment with everything you need on hand.

In Jamaica all inclusive resorts are found in every major tourist destination: Ocho Rios (home of the first Caribbean all inclusive resorts), Montego Bay, Negril, and Runaway Bay. Jamaica resorts range from the smaller, select hotels with twelve or so beach cabanas to large complexes like Sandals and Breezes Montego Bay.

Jamaica Resorts
Jamaica Resorts

Jamaica helped innovate the concept of an all-inclusive vacation package now common throughout the Caribbean. Resorts in Jamaica continue to offer high standards of service and many amenities and activities. In recent years, new Jamaica all inclusive resorts have opened to attract high end customers or to cater to specific vacationers: couples, singles, golfers, or honeymooners. (Unlike on other Caribbean islands, a perceived intolerance to homosexuality in Jamaican society has dissuaded specifically gay resorts from opening in Jamaica.)

Expect to pay at least $200 a night for a room at Jamaica resorts. How much you spend and what you get for your money can vary widely depending on your budget, the time of your visit, and what activities you want included in the cost. Some resorts in Jamaica like the Tyrall Club in Montego Bay, offer access to world-class golf courses as part of the price. Other resorts in Jamaica are ideal for scuba diving, deep sea fishing, or other water sports. Most Jamaica resorts will offer tours of the surrounding countryside. Trips to such attractions as Dolphin Cove and Dunn's River Falls are particularly popular.

Almost all Jamaica resorts are perfect for one of the most popular island activities: relaxing on a beach. In a country with over 1,000 km (600 miles of coastline), finding a beachfront resort is no challenge. Most Negril hotels, for example, are located on the long Seven Mile Beach.

One of the most voiced drawbacks about Jamaica resorts is that they provide little opportunity to see the "real" Jamaica. With all the amenities and culinary delights on hand in the top resorts in Jamaica, visitors find they have little reason to explore beyond the resort grounds. For independent-minded travelers, Jamaica resorts can be a little stifling. For families with children, couples who want a romantic getaway in each other's company, and people who just want to relax and forget about the hassles of everyday life, Jamaica all inclusive resorts are ideal.

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