Jamaica Vacation Packages

Jamaica vacation packages provide a great way to enjoy the luxury of a top Jamaican resort at a price affordable to most vacationers. Jamaica started the trend of Caribbean all-inclusive hotels and today Jamaica all inclusive vacation packages are an important part of the island's tourist industry.

Jamaica Vacations
Jamaica Vacations

Jamaica all inclusive vacation packages can be arranged through a travel agent or an online booking agency. Many websites and agents offer an array of deals, so it is not hard to find a cheap Jamaica vacation package if you do a little looking around. Some agents and websites will let you tailor Jamaica all inclusive vacation packages to suit your needs. Look for one that includes airfare, accommodation, and food at a minimum; it's also possible to find all inclusive Jamaica cruises, if you'd rather travel by sea. Many Jamaica all inclusive vacation packages also offer free drinks at the resort, child care, and some fun activities in the price. You can also add on to Jamaica all inclusive vacation packages so they include tours around the country; visits to popular destinations like Dunn's River Falls, Dolphins Cove, or the Bob Marley Museum; scuba diving adventures; deep sea fishing trips; or other activities.

Jamaica Vacation Packages
Jamaica Vacation Packages

Package deals are available to any of the major resort towns: Ocho Rios, Negril, Montego Bay, or Runaway Bay. Staying at Jamaican resorts on Jamaica all inclusive vacation packages offers easy access to lots of activities and distractions. The one commonly voiced criticism of an all-inclusive resort is that is provides little chance to experience "real" life on the island. Travelers should consider breaking out from the resort a few times to see other parts of Jamaica, buy some hand-made souvenirs, and to eat at a local restaurant. This has the added advantage of injecting money into the local economy.

The height of Jamaica's tourist season runs from mid-December to mid-April. The periods around Christmas and New Year and during college semester breaks are particularly popular. Jamaica vacation packages can provide savings even during these times: mid-January is a particularly good time for winter deals. Some agencies even specialize in finding deals for college students on spring break. Generally, though, the most economical Jamaica vacation packages are available in the off-season.

The best time for finding a cheap Jamaica vacation package is during the summer months. Do not be put off by the potential heat. As an island, Jamaica received cooling ocean breezes and its temperature is kept fairly stable by the surrounding waters. Also, almost every resort has air conditioning and there is always the option of cooling off in a pool or the ocean or with a nice cold drink. You can often find a cheap Jamaica vacation package in the off-season for 60 percent or less than during the peak tourist season.

Jamaica vacation packages are ideal for families, elderly, and couples, especially honeymoon couples who just want to relax and enjoy each others company on a romantic getaway.

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