Jamaica Weddings

Like other Caribbean islands, Jamaica is an enduringly popular honeymoon destination. Many couples decide to kill two birds with one stone by getting a Jamaica wedding package, combining a ceremony and honeymoon vacation. Jamaica weddings are offered by most major resorts, which take care of much of the planning.

Organizing weddings in Jamaica or any foreign country may seem like a daunting prospect, but many resorts, especially larger ones like Sandals in Montego Bay, have full-time wedding coordinators who arrange for a cake, a photographer, a priest or other officiant, and any additional extras. There are resorts in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, and elsewhere that will include a wedding ceremony in the price of a honeymoon. This can make a Jamaica wedding package at a resort a good deal for any couple. Try to include as many activities as possible in a Jamaica wedding package: honeymoon rooms, rooms for guests, reception costs, and even Jamaican tours. Most items will generally be cheaper in a Jamaica wedding package than from outside companies and some hotels have exclusive deals with photographers or other service specialists.

In general, a Jamaica wedding package will include discounts on hotel rooms for your guests. Some of the smaller hotels can be completely booked for weddings in Jamaica. It is a great experience to have a large wedding party to take over a resort for several days of wedding celebrations culminating in a beach ceremony.

If the resort you are looking at does not have someone to organize Jamaica weddings, search a wedding website for an organizer who can arrange accommodation, photography, food and catering, and ceremony and reception facilities, and local flowers.

There are several requirements for weddings in Jamaica. Couples must reside in Jamaica for at least 24 hours before the ceremony. Both participants must present birth certificates and legal affidavits that state that they have never been married before. Previously married people planning Jamaica weddings should bring copies of divorce papers or a deceased spouse's death certificate. Any hotel offering a Jamaica wedding package will have people on hand to help with the paperwork and to secure the legal marriage license. Contact the Jamaica Tourism Board for more information on getting married in Jamaica.

There are many advantages to weddings in Jamaica: the joy of spending a vacation with lots of family and friends, the relaxation that comes from knowing things are handled by professionals at an experienced resort, but perhaps most lastingly, the beautiful photographs that will come from your Jamaica weddings.



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