Jamaican Nightlife

Jamaican nightlife has a reputation for being loud and late and perfectly paired with lazy mornings on the beach re-energizing for another night out on the town. With a fun, jovial atmosphere, Jamaican nightlife is accessible to all types of people, but especially those who love to dance into the early hours of the morning. Laid back beach bars by day transform into raucous nightclubs by night with a wide array of music to be heard.

Nightclubs in Negril Jamaica

The nightclubs in Negril, located  mostly along Norman Manley Boulevard, have attracted Bob Marley wannabes for a very long time. This ends up being especially enticing for locals and tourists looking for a good time in the evening and late into the night; there are tons of live reggae acts popping up all over Negril. For three nights each week, Bourbon Beach restaurant and bar features live reggae music. Grab a bite ( seafood, American, or Jamaican available) and dance under the stars by the outdoor beachfront stage. At Mariner's Negril Beach Club there is Jungle, a notoriously wild party spot that welcomes A-listers and regular folk alike throughout the year. The main floor is the place to be; a huge dance floor surrounded by four bars draws in the most lively crowds dancing to a music based on a specific theme each night. Rick’s Cafe on Negril’s west side is as laid back as a Jamaican bar can get yet the cliff-divers performing daily don’t exude such relaxing qualities; they’re too busy jumping, spinning, and diving. The two-story restaurant/bar seems like an average Jamaican haunt, with a typical thatched roof and wooden rails. This cliff-top local gem is set in a scenic cove. It has become famous for cliff-divers but also equally for the great food and atmosphere.

Nightclubs in Montego Bay Jamaica

Nightclubs in Montego Bay Jamaica
Nightclubs in Montego Bay Jamaica

The nightclubs in Montego Bay Jamaica don’t disappoint even the savviest and most dedicated night owls. Juggling bartenders, star-lit ceilings, and walls that transform into jungle scenes, Rum Jungle is an area leader in live shows; Marquee events, Broadway style shows, and an excellent in-house band, this club strikes a cord with those seeking an experience eout of the ordinary. Don’t forget to taste test some of the hundreds of brands of rum available. Margaritaville is the place to party when visiting Montego Bay. Set on popular Hip Strip, this club is an excellent choice for great food, exciting entertainment, and a boisterous atmosphere. Jamaican owners Dear and Jardim offer a relaxing daytime space for watching sports events on big screens and laid back music. When the sun hits the hills, party-goers head to Margaritaville (pictured here and at top) for the sounds of the best local dj, Latin tunes, Karaoke fun, and even pajama parties Known to entertain world-renowned celebrities, this bar continues to shine as one of the area’s best. Pier One, with a party pier jutting way out into the ocean, and upscale Blue Beat jazz and martini lounge, are also both worth a look.

Clubs in Ocho Rios

In Ochos Rios the clubs are decidedly Jamaican or American. Visitors hopin to enjoy an authentic Jamaican experience will enjoy an evening out at Amnesia where an interesting mix of locals can always be found. Amensia’s tunes drift around the globe with the club featuring more of an international roster of songs than just top ten or Reggae. Jamaic'N Me Crazy is a venue that’s packed every single night. Loud music, cheap drinks, and modern lighting system create a heady backdrop filled with fun. Those looking for clubs and music in Jamaica will love Silks, a dance club at Shaw Park Beach Hotel with tons of space to dance the night away. Three bars, live bands, a waterslide, and whirlpool tub compliment a menu of excellent international and local east at Margaritaville, a double take of the Montego Bay original.

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