Jamaican Weed

Jamaican weed has managed to gain itself quite a reputation. There is good reason for this. For starters, the Rastafari movement arose in Jamaica in the 1930s. Jamaica is also the birthplace of reggae music. Both of these things embrace the cultivation and smoking of cannabis. But its roots go further back that that to the island's colonial history when it was introduced by slaves.

While people around the world had been smoking marijuana for decades (probably centuries), it was the explosion of Bob Marley on the international music scene in the 1960s that brought the lead of Jamaican ganja to the forefront. Beginning with that, young tourists began traveling to the island, which they viewed as a sort of marijuana mecca. That is still true today. Virtually wherever you go in Jamaica, you shouldn’t be surprised to smell marijuana smoke or see people smoking. That’s not to say that everyone in Jamaica smokes marijuana. It’s also very common for tourists to come across Jamaicans who are trying to sell marijuana. As a disclaimer, Jamaican weed is illegal and we do not endorse it. We are reporting on it since it is a popular subject for tourists. You will probably be approached to buy some. We suggest that you do not.

The use of ganja in Jamaica is largely associated with spirituality. Quite simply, many Jamaican’s smoke marijuana because of the spiritual association that it has with their way of life and the Rastafari movement. In relation to the selling of Jamaican weed to tourists, it is also simple to understand. It is a way for Jamaicans to make money. Many tourists go to Jamaica to have a good time, so there is a ready market.

Jamaica visitors who are interested in marijuana can consider taking a marijuana tour. On a Jamaican marijuana tour, you can visit a plantation and get a firsthand look at the growing and cultivation side of things. Chances are good that you might also be able to purchase some of the finished product, though once again, this is not recommended. As for arranging a Jamaican marijuana tour, that can be kind of tricky. Some people recommend that you seek out a longstanding ganja tour company that has brochures, a website, and maybe even a storefront. That’s not saying that you will find such a company. You might inquire first with your hotel or resort of choice if you’re not sure where to turn. Basically, trying to go it alone can result in trouble.

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