Kayaking in Jamaica

Kayaking in Jamaica is a versatile and enjoyable sport enjoyed by children as young as five. The morning hours are the best time to head out onto the sea, before the trade winds blow in and create resistance, intensifying the effort necessary to continue through the water. Kayaks are usually readily available for rent along most popular beaches and from beachfront hotels and resorts. Independent equipment kiosks generally offer hourly, daily, and weekly rentals; the longer a kayak is rented, the lower the price will be. Kayak tours can be arranged as solo adventures or paired with other activities like zip-lining or jungle hiking. Kayak trips can last anywhere from an hour to four hours depending on the exertion level you’re going for and the kayaking destination. Multi-activity tours can last anywhere from a half to full day. Age requirements vary from between seven and twelve years old so be sure to inquire before booking.

Kayaking in Negril

Negril’s famous 14-mile stretch of warm, clear peacock-green sea is probably the biggest draw for tourists heading to Jamaica for beach vacations. To the east of the seven-mile sand beach is an almost equally stunning range of cliffs expanding seven miles in length. This setting creates a beautiful backdrop for enjoying outdoor activities. Kayaking is one of the most popular watersports and can be enjoyed on either of Negril’s two large bays or along the Negril River. The beachfront in Negril opens out to two large bays. Kayakers can traverse this very extensive area viewing a variety of sea birds and other wildlife with kayaks from Negril hotels of independent equipment providers. The nearby Great River is the perfect destination for exciting river kayaking tours. Towering woodlands and tropical jungle forests line the grassy river banks where colorful native plants thrive. Most river tours include transportation from Negril, equipment and a guide. Just east of both Negril and Montego Bay it is one of the most popular destinations for kayaking in the area.

Kayaking in Montego Bay

The Rio Bueno River is just a 30-45 minute drive from Montego Bay making it a popular destination for guided river tours. The trip is best done with a knowledgeable guide who will first lead kayakers across the great Ire Bridge and on a short hike through the rainforest before arriving at an ideal launch point. Rive kayaking here means traversing some white water rapids therefore this prior kayaking experience is necessary. Local Martha Brae River is another spot to kayak aside from Montego Bay proper. Calm and quiet, the resplendent backdrop is an ideal way to soak in Jamaica’s best natural attractions.

Ocho Rios Kayaking

The White River is the center for white water kayak adventures from Ochos Rios. Kayakers begin an exciting journey at the one of the first bridges built Jamaica’s European settlers in the 17th century, the Old Spanish Bridge. Clear pools and white rapids under a blanket of tropical jungle vegetation and massive bamboo groves create endless scenery on-route. After passing the clandestine Arawak Gazebo and traveling through picturesque lagoons, the tour finalizes at the Bamboo Cathedral, a beautiful natural attraction. The three main beaches of Ocho Rios—Turtle, Mallard, and Dunn’s River Beaches—each offer kayak rentals and are also good choices for sea kayaking. The Caribbean waters are generally warm and calm and ideal for a lazy journey along the coast. Turtle Beach is the quietest of the three while Dunn’s River Beach is set at the base of the famous Dunn’s River Falls.

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