Negril Jamaica Tourist Attractions

The Negril Jamaica tourist attractions offer plenty in the way of variety. It’s a big reason why Negril figures among the most popular places to visit on the island. Of course, beaches rank high among the Negril attractions, but they certainly aren’t the only things to indulge in. When a break from the sand is in order, options for things to do include horseback riding at Rhodes Hall Plantation, golfing at the Negril Hills Golf Club, and deep sea fishing with a local charter company. These are just some of the options, and while Negril arguably caters more to the adult crowd than it does to kids, there are various ways to keep the little ones content while exploring the general area. The Anancy Fun Park is among the best regional attractions for families.

Restaurants & Bars

Negril Restaurants
Negril Restaurants

Negril is home to some of the best restaurants and bars in Jamaica. You can certainly find some of the most fun eateries and drinking holes in this western hot spot. Many are found right along the beach. At the Negril restaurants, it isn’t difficult to get fresh fish, which is usually fried or grilled. Jerk chicken, as you might imagine, is also a prevalent dish on many local menus, and perhaps surprisingly, most Negril menus tend to feature pasta as well. Vegetarians who are hanging out in Negril will be happy to know that vegetarian options are in good supply, and for those who lean towards the more adventurous side, it isn’t unheard of to come across a menu with ganja cakes. Just remember that these hallucinogenic "delicacies" are technically illegal to consume. As for the Negril bars, they are often a mix of a bar, a club, and a restaurant. A good example would be Bourbon Beach, which plays host to live reggae shows several nights a week. Among the more renowned restaurants in Negril is Rick’s Café. It’s generally considered to be the place to go at sundown. Many Negril visitors also make it a point to drink or dine at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville while in town.



Seven Mile Beach is undoubtedly one of the top Negril Jamaica tourist attractions. While it doesn’t actually stretch for seven miles, it is quite extensive and offers plenty in the way of beauty. At Seven Mile Beach, white sand meets aquamarine waters, and serving as a backdrop are sea grapes and coconut palms. Many Negril resorts, hotels, bars, and restaurants are found on or near Seven Mile Beach, and while it is common for visitors to be approached by vendors, a simple "no" is often sufficient enough to turn them away. Snorkeling and scuba diving off the beach are popular activities. It should be noted that topless bathing is quite common along Seven Mile Beach, and there are even stretches where total nudity is accepted. The nude beaches tend to be private areas that are offered by big resorts like the Hedonism II Resort and the Grand Lido. Should a less busy beach with no nude bodies be the target of choice, Negril visitors can head to Long Bay Beach Park. Located at the far northern end of Negril Beach and past the hotel belt, this oft-uncrowded beach in Negril offers picnic tables and changing rooms. Beyond Long Bay Beach Park is another Negril beach that travelers are encouraged to take note of – Bloody Bay Beach. Somewhat of a secret, this strip of sand is usually uncrowded. Nude bathers are often present at Bloody Bay Beach, it should be noted.

Royal Palm Reserve

One of the most popular eco-tourism attractions in Jamaica is the Royal Palm Reserve. Found within Negril’s Great Morass, this recreation site covers 300 acres and is a great place for nature walks and bird watching. Among the birds that visitors can expect to see are ospreys, sea hawks, egrets, herons, Jamaican black parakeets, and Jamaican woodpeckers. Lush tropical foliage abounds in this wetlands area, only adding to the scenic allure, and wooden boardwalks provide excellent avenues for strolling. Royal Palm Reserve visitors can learn about the resident plants and animals at the park’s nature museum. Other park facilities include a riverside bar and a lakeside restaurant and bar. The Royal Palm Reserve visitor center is open daily, and tours are reasonably priced.

Other Attractions

As mentioned, horseback riding, golfing, deep sea fishing, and visiting the Anancy Fun Park are just some of the other options for things to do in Negril. To expand on the Anancy Fun Park, it is found on Norman Manley Boulevard and offers train rides, pedal boating, a merry-go-round, miniature golf, and more. For those Negril visitors who are looking for even more ways to stay busy, ideas include taking a bike tour, admiring the numerous waterfalls at Mayfield Falls & Mineral Springs, and checking out the Negril Lighthouse. The lighthouse dates back to 1894, and its keeper is known to give wonderful tours. Fantastic views of the coast can be savored by those who climb to the top.

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