Nightlife Negril Jamaica

The nightlife Negril Jamaica features is an excellent and eclectic mix of social establishments catering to many different ages and styles. Relaxed and casual beachfront haunts, lively bars, some upscale locations, and a good number of raucous nightclubs are open every day in Negril. Most of Negril's clubs exude a local flavor (locals definitely like to get out and mix with tourists) with plenty of reggae music blaring from sound systems. Negril is known to be safe to explore at night keeping in mind that just like in any city, wandering around late at night on the beach or through the city can pose dangers. Keep expensive items hidden and always use the buddy system. If you’re really into reggae music, Negril is the perfect place to enjoy it. It boasts the highest number of live Reggae shows than any other city. Risky Business and Alfreds are two top spots to see bands. Most clubs and bars are found along Norman Manley Boulevard, a colorful location and ideal place to seek out your next drink.

Bourbon Beach

Bourbon Beach Negril is the most popular club in Negril and a great place for just about anyone. Bourbon Beach is located directly on Negril Beach and hosts reggae bands live several times each week. Red Stripe and rum are the drinks of choice here and are consumed day and night. The busiest time to visit Bourbon Beach Negril is between around 10pm until the early morning hours but the club is actually open each morning about 9am and serves up many local favorites including lobster, jerk chicken, and fresh fish.

Risky Business

Just a few feet from the Caribbean Sea is Risky Business, a well known local bar that can be hit or miss. Sometimes the bar is rocking and other times more of a snore depending on the music the DJ chooses for the night. A few of the most defining features of the bar include the in-season sandwiches and burgers it sells and the inexpensive Red Stripe served up all year-round. The Risky Business crowd tends to be young (and bikini clad during the day and even night) and enjoys a good party on Mondays, Thursday, and Saturdays starting around 8:30pm without a cover charge on any night. Fridays are dubbed Crazy Fridays where karaoke is the feature.


Hedonism is Negril’s hottest and most happening nightclub by a long stretch. The all-inclusive resort and nightclub welcome adults only year-round to enjoy the hedonistic lifestyle at the north end of Negril’s main beach. Toga-clad partiers head here, knowing full well it’s the place to be for over-the-top parties. Don’t be surprised to see guest in bondage and/or bikinis. Hedonism has five happening bars; the Main Bar, Piano Bar, Disco Bar, Beach Bar, and the Nude Beach Bar. Guests of the resort enjoy premium brand cocktails all day and night. Guests can get a taste too, for a fee that may seem a bit high yet it includes entertainment all night and all-you-can-eat food and unlimited drinks. Hedonism is all about indulgence and offering the most lavish nightlife Negril Jamaica has.



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