Ricks Cafe

Rick's Cafe in Negril Jamaica is the place to be if you like live entertainment. And cliff jumping. That's right; at Rick's in Negril you can enjoy double duty sipping back a cold Red Stripe or three and watching both pros and first-timers leaping off the cliffs of Rick's Café built right into the cliff at the west end of Negril. Rick's is laid back, a multi-level favorite where you can sit up high or down low and watch the action happen. Both food and drink are available each day and night. The Rick's Cafe menu boasts everything from chicken wings and jerk chicken to (seasonal) surf n turf and filet mignon.

Rick's Cafe History

Rick's Cafe has been open on Negril's West End Cliffs since 1974 when the town was quiet and lacked amenities. Today, tourists enjoy amenities such as hot water and electricity. The first owner was Jamaica's first Governor General's son, a Negril doctor at the time. The cafe quickly became a favorite for the incredible Jamaican sunsets that can be seen from atop the cliffs. The cafe has been wiped out by hurricanes twice—once in 1998 and again in 2004—but has managed to pick up the pieces and return stronger then ever.

Rick's Cafe Cliff Jumping

With groovy Jamaican music playing in the background, professional jumpers put on a great show at Rick's, leaping from the 35-foot platform carved out of the cliffside. Flips, twists, and other tricks are performed throughout the day. Patrons of Rick's Cafe are even offered the chance to jump from the cliffs into the clear blue lagoon below.

Jamaican Music at Rick's Cafe

Jamaican Music at Rick's Cafe

Jamaican Music at Rick's Cafe

With an incredible stage overlooking endless aquamarine Caribbean Sea, listening to Jamaican music at Rick's cafe is pretty much a right of passage when in Negril. Every single day of the week, Rick's features authentic reggae tunes performed by the in-house live band. The cafe also features a cabana, swimming pool, and sea swimming all to the beat of funky reggae music.

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