Goldeneye, Saint Mary


Goldeneye St Mary

The Goldeneye is easily one of the most inviting luxury hotels that you will find anywhere in the Caribbean. It is also one of the most interesting. Set on beautiful Oracabessa Bay, this amazing 52-acre retreat grew up around what was formerly the Jamaican home of Ian Fleming. The famous author actually wrote all of his James Bond books in what is now known as the Fleming Villa. You can rent this villa, and it is the hotel’s most exclusive accommodation. Also worth noting is the owner of the Goldeneye. He is none other than Chris Blackwell – the former record producer who introduced Bob Marley and the Wailers to international audiences.

The history of the Goldeneye is certainly fascinating, and it has a lot to do with the hotel’s international fame. Under Ian Fleming’s watch, it became one of the main social centers on Jamaica’s north coast. After Fleming passed away, Chris Blackwell purchased the property and used it to entertain. Over time, the estate, if you will, was expanded. It first began operating as a hotel in the late 1980s. Hotel might not be the correct word to use when labeling the Goldeneye, however, as it is not your average lodging establishment. More like a tropical compound, it consists of various structures, the likes of which include the original house, a collection of separate villas, and a series of beach cottages.

Each Goldeneye guest unit has too many amenities to list and offers the kind of gracious indoor and outdoor living that largely defines the Goldeneye experience. Complementing the sumptuous guest retreats are lovely beaches and gardens. Also part of the Goldeneye compound are two restaurants, a market, a water sports center, and a spa. Even with all of this, the hotel maintains a very intimate atmosphere and is hard to beat if it is true tranquility that you seek. To expand on the location, you can find the Goldeneye in the Parish of Saint Mary approximately 20 minutes from Ocho Rios. Guests are encouraged to fly to the airport in Montego Bay. Once there, they are met by Goldeneye staff and transported to paradise.