San San Beach

San San Beach is one of the most renowned beaches in Jamaica. That doesn’t mean that overcrowding is a problem on this prime strip of sand, however. San San Beach is known for its relatively isolated and quiet nature, and rare is the day when there are too many people on its soft, white sands. Hotels and villa rentals provide good options for nearby places to stay, and there is plenty to do on the side when a break from the sand is the aim.

San San Beach calls the Port Antonio region home. This area is approximately 60 miles northeast of Kingston and claims some of the very best beaches in all of Jamaica. Right next to San San Beach is glorious Frenchman’s Cove Beach, for example. Helping to make these beaches so tantalizing is their soft, powdery sand and their clear, turquoise waters. Add in the offshore reefs and the delightful snorkeling opportunities that they present, and it only gets better. A small island that can be found off San San Beach has an especially good snorkeling reef and is where many snorkelers end up. It’s not a long swim out to this islet, though visitors should be forewarned that spiny sea urchins populate the waters near shore at some spots. They can be painful to step on.

The fact that San San Beach is private helps to keep the overall visitor numbers down. Fees apply for most, though they are more than reasonable. Those who don’t have to pay to access this enticing beach in Port Antonio Jamaica include the wealthy homeowners from the nearby Alligator Head peninsula or guests who choose to stay at some nearby hotels. These hotels include the Fern Hill Hotel, the Jamaica Palace Hotel, and the Goblin Hill Hotel. As for the San San Beach facilities/amenities, they include a beach bar that serves up some barbecue food to go with its beverages, picnic areas with grills, lifeguards, kayak rentals, beach chair rentals, and bathrooms.

Image: teepi (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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