Shopping in Jamaica

Shopping in Jamaica runs the gamut, much to the delight of those looking for the perfect gift to take back home—or a treat for themselves. On the Caribbean island, you’ll find traditional crafts where haggling is the norm just steps away from chic boutiques and duty-free shops where life’s finer pleasures can be procured. For many who come to the islands, the shopping is as much a draw and the beautiful beaches and sunny days. It’s not the same as going to the mall at home or visiting a big box store. The shopping in Jamaica is an adventure unto itself where coffee, crafts, jewelry, and clothing are readily available for those who some time and money to spare and want to bring home something really special.

Montego Bay Shopping

Montego Bay Shopping
Montego Bay Shopping

Modern shopping, the kind where haggling is not allowed, has its base in Montego Bay. If you’re not ready to branch out and go toe-to-toe with vendors, you might prefer to visit the major retail centers. Half Moon Shopping Village, City Centre, and Holiday Village are all home to some excellent shops and big-name retailers. You’ll also find duty-free shops, which can provide savings up to 30 percent on luxury items. As long as you pay for the merchandise like perfumes, watches, and crystal in a foreign currency, you will get the savings. That includes American dollars, and you can use credit cards. But Montego Bay isn’t just home to duty-free shopping. You’ll also find a mix of craft shops and boutiques throughout town, close to the hotels and resorts. If you’d like a guide for your shopping journey, you could book one of the local shopping tours that includes shuttle service to the best shops in Montego Bay.

Shopping in Negril

Shopping in Negril
Shopping in Negril

Like in Montego Bay, the shopping scene in Negril offers a mix of modern and traditional shopping methods. If you’re looking for duty-free shops, you’ll find it when shopping in Negril. Its newest luxury retail center, Times Square, is where you’ll find the duty-free shops along with some great gift shopping. There are also a few grocery stores in Negril, plus shops were you can pick up essentials like batteries and cell phone gear. More traditional crafts are featured at the marketplace along the banks of the Negril River. Here, you’ll find baskets, jewelry, clothing, and other intricately made items you wouldn’t find at the mall at home.

Best shopping in Ocho Rios

Home to Jamaica’s largest cruise ship terminal, Ocho Rios offers some of the best shopping on the island. And it doesn’t take cruise passengers long to start their shopping experiences. The super-close Island Centre looks like an island paradise, complete with lagoons and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Among the natural beauty, shoppers can visit duty-free shops, grab a cocktail at Margaritaville, and even visit a reggae museum. Great shopping is also available at Taj Mahal, known especially for its jewelry and crystal. As expected for shopping in Jamaica, there’s also the chance to shop for locally made crafts where the artisans and vendors are game for some haggling. Don’t be shy; the vendors expect for some back and forth.

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