Jamaica Spring Break

A Jamaica spring break is a wonderful way to leave behind the cold weather, everyday cares, and the same old routine. From the earliest days of February to the waning days of June, the charming island will provide an array of adventures all warmed by the sun. Whether you're planning to pack up the family, vacation with your fraternity brothers, or enjoy a romantic escape for two, you'll find the perfect spring break vacation in Jamaica to suit your plans.

The large English-speaking island enjoys warm and relatively mild weather all year, but the hot and sometimes uncomfortable weather doesn't begin until June. Warm northeast trade winds and the mountain breezes keep the temperatures pleasant in the coastal areas. If this isn't the case where you live, a spring break vacation in Jamaica will allow you the chance to experience better weather.

After you've broken your bathing suit, sunblock, and snorkel out of cold storage and made your way to the island, you can start to enjoy your Jamaica spring break right away. Whether you plan to hit Hellshire Beach near Kingston, go scuba diving off Lime Cay, or dip your toes into the surf of James Bond Beach, you'll have the sun to warm your shoulders, even if it's still snowing at home.

When looking for Jamaica spring break packages, you have many options to put the pieces together. Several major airlines have regular service to the island; the flight from New York to Kingston is about three and a half hours, while a flight from Miami takes a little over two hours. Sometimes, an airline offers packages that combine airfare with hotels, meals, and activities. For instance, you could book a flight from home to the island, stay in one of the Ocho Rios hotels, dine on tasty island food, and go snorkeling without worrying about the small details once you've arrived.

Another option for Jamaica spring break packages includes time on the high seas. Cruise ship ports are located near the beach resort towns of Port Antonio, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and the capital city of Kingston. The Spring Break cruise pictures of Jamaica show what a beautiful destination it is to approach from the water, and once you arrive, you can explore the island during the day and return to the ship in the evening with packages that includes dining, activities, excursions, lodging, and transportation for once price.

Many of the all-inclusive resorts offer Jamaica spring break packages, especially along Montego Bay, the South Coast, and the beach resort towns in the north. At the family-friendly properties, visitors off all ages will find a full slate of things to enjoy. With games for kids, multiple swimming pools, tennis lessons, kid-friendly meals, and more, visitors of all ages can make new memories together.

Other resorts are more suited to college students, offering beach parties, live music, and special events designed just for Jamaica spring break fun.

You don't have to be a student to take a spring break vacation in Jamaica. Some of the resorts cater exclusively to adults, so you don't have to worry about crowds of kids to get in the way. If you're looking for peace and quiet, this may be the way to go. At the adults-only resorts, plenty of activities are suited to more refined tastes, such as fine dining, rounds of golf, relaxing spa treatments, snorkeling excursions, saunas, and live entertainment. At some of the properties, a full house of over-21 guests means that tropical cocktails are freely available.

No matter your age, date of visit, or where you choose to stay, you'll find a place where life moves at a slower pace and every new sunrise is an occasion to celebrate. You'll return home with warm memories that will keep you going until summer arrives or until next year's Jamaica spring break.

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